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Ways to Stay Active During the Winter Months

While seasonal weather changes don’t affect routine gym-goers as much as those who prefer outdoors exercise, many people across the board feel unmotivated to work out in the colder, darker winter months. However, if you fall into the category of those who fall out of sync with their usually dedicated fitness routines in winter, there are many ways to keep that fitness candle burning brightly all through the season.

7 Great Ways to Exercise in Winter

  1. Skating – Skating is an excellent winter workout. It can be a competitive event or just for fun. You can figure skate, speed skate, skate in winter sports like hockey, or just for leisure! It can be a great winter fitness activity for the whole family. So, find a safe iced-over pond or outdoors rink, grab your helmet and lace up for one of the most enjoyable ways to workout in winter!
  2. Pond hockey – While similar to the well-known sport ice hockey, pond hockey has less rules and regulations and can take place on any (safely) iced-over body of water. Hockey is a vigorous workout that utilizes most of the muscle groups in your body. All you need is warm clothes, skates, a puck, a couple make-shift nets, a group of friends and you’re off to the races.
  3. SnowshoeingLooking for a wonderful workout that really works those leg and core muscles? Look no further than snowshoeing. It is scenic, peaceful and can easily be an activity you do with friends. Snowshoes range from very affordable to high-end. You can also find some lightly used ones in your local buy-and-sell.
  4. Skiing – Potentially one of the more dangerous winter activities on the list, skiing can be lots of fun (and an amazing workout) when practiced safely. Cross-country skiing is much less risky than downhill skiing, but both types have their merits.
  5. Shoveling snow – This one may sound silly (and perhaps more like a chore than activity), but the fact of the matter is that you can burn nearly 400 calories in just 1 hour of shoveling snow – sign me up today!
  6. Tobogganing – One of the most exhilarating winter sports around is tobogganing (and it’s not just for kids, either)! Sure, you won’t burn many calories on the way down the hill but every walk back up to the top of the steep incline will surely work that bod. Again, it is important to practice sledding safety while tobogganing such as only doing so on a safe, certified hill where there are no obstacles, debris or trees that can hinder your ride.
  7. Or you can take the party indoors: Simply not a fan of the cold? There are plenty of great indoors options that can keep you fit year-round:
  • Invest in a personal exercise machine like a stationary bike or elliptical (you can always find half-off sales if you browse enough flyers, or just buy a used one online for fraction of the price).
  • Bite the bullet and join a local gym until it warms up outside.
  • Hit up your local indoor swimming pool on the regular.
  • Purchase a yoga or Pilates workout DVD or invest in an interactive sports game like Wii Fit.

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