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Telemedicine for Post Secondary Students

When your son or daughter goes away to University or College to start their new life, there are a million worries for a parent. One less worry should be their healthcare. Telemedicine is an excellent solution to many of the obstacles standing in the way of quality healthcare while living away from home.

Campus Healthcare Shortfalls

Unfortunately, many campuses offer little in the way of quality, convenient healthcare. Most often the clinics are small, only open for a limited window of time, lacking necessary resources or sometimes even a licenced medical doctor, and are often over-burdened during hours of operation. The only other alternative to on-campus care is a trip to the local emergency room, which would inevitably include germy waiting rooms, long wait times, rushed appointments, often just for simple medical issues like sinus infections or cold which could be easily handled via telemedicine.

So Why DocChat for Students?

  1. Affordability

With a one-time price of $50 per consultation (including unlimited follow-up for a week), DocChat has no deductibles or hidden fees. This makes a visit affordable, as opposed to spending money on taxies, large copays at the hospital (or even bigger expenses if the student doesn’t have adequate insurance).

  1. Autonomy

College students want privacy and autonomy over their healthcare, rightfully so. With DocChat, the student can connect with one of our highly qualified physicians in minutes from the privacy of their own room for a highly secure, one-on-one video or phone consultation. Receiving in-room care eliminates worries about anyone else overhearing the student’s medical information in a crowded hospital or campus clinic.

  1. Convenience

Receiving healthcare from one’s room circumvents such concerns as catching additional illnesses while waiting in germ-ridden wait rooms, as well as wasting a whole day in pursuit of a necessary prescription or simple medical advice. DocChat connects you to a board certified physician in 15 minutes or less, or the call is free.

  1. Follow-up

Another invaluable DocChat feature for students is the ability to reconnect with their doctor for unlimited follow-up concerns for up to a week after the initial consult. If a young adult goes to the ER for care, there is virtually no way to contact the doctor they saw should they have any questions about their visit afterward. With DocChat it is as simple as sending a secure private chat message.

  1. Simple Prescriptions

DocChat can also prescribe non-controlled substances like antibiotics or condition-specific medications to students and have them sent directly to the student’s local pharmacy.


Perhaps the most important benefit of students utilizing telemedicine for their medical needs is the peace of mind both the student and their family back home can have knowing excellent healthcare is just a video call away. Thanks for visiting DocChat! We hope you’ll return again soon.