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Studies Say Telemedicine is Improving Chronic Condition Management

Recent studies illustrate how telemedicine is proving an effective tool in the management of chronic conditions. One study focused on how telemedicine enables diabetics to self-manage better. The 18-month study monitored diabetic patients who were set up to use a mobile glucometer, an online diabetes management program and a medical consultation service. The results indicated great improvement in the management of these patients’ care when it came to things like staying active, taking medication properly heating healthy and coping better.

Another study focused on how patients with chronic lung, heart or arthritic conditions utilized online resources and technology-based support groups to help better self-manage and cope with their chronic conditions.

The telemedicine and technological worlds are expanding together, and offering so many more tools and resources to people with life-long conditions than they had access to before. Some patients benefit from consulting their own doctors from the comfort of their home, or utilising services like DocChat which enable patients to get expert medical advice and treatment without exposing themselves to the dangers or inconveniences of a hospital or clinic.

In light of these recent developments, the future is looking much brighter for those with chronic health conditions.