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Telemedicine For Summertime Troubles

Summer is the perfect time of year to give telemedicine a try. Who wants to spend hours arranging, commuting to and waiting for doctor’s appointments when you can deal with up to 78% of all medical concerns via telemedicine in a matter of minutes wherever you are and whenever you need.

  • Get a bad sunburn? Telemedicine can help.

  • Summertime allergies? DocChat is on it.

  • Strain or sprain your ankle hiking? A DocChat video conference is waiting.

  • Bug bites driving you batty? Check in with us!

  • Does your little one have cold-like symptoms? Baby, you can call on us!

  • Did you catch poolside athlete’s foot? No need to step out, stay in and get your care!

  • Nasty skin infection freaking you out? Give us a call!

  • Recreational water illness (RWI)? You know who to call! (Not ghostbusters).
  • Food borne illness while traveling? Call us! We can help.
  • Poison ivy? Ouch! You may need a prescription cream or medication, so call!
  • Fever symptoms? Our excellent docs can help determine the cause and what to do next.
  • Swimmer’s ear? One of the most common summer ailments – we’re here to help!


These are just a few of the many seasonal health issues our top-notch, board certified DocChat physicians can handle! We can issue non-narcotic prescriptions as needed as well, which can save you more time and energy than spending your beautiful summer days running around trying to gather prescriptions in hot, germy waiting rooms! Don’t spend your summer chasing healthcare, let your healthcare come to you. Sign up to DocChat today to start your first video conference with one of our qualified physicians!