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How to Reach Your Fitness #Goals (Part 1)

We all start with good intentions when it comes to getting in shape, but it can be tricky to stay motivated and see your weight loss goal through to the end. Because reaching a healthy weight is so important for good health, we wanted to take a look at some tips and tricks that may help you stay the course:

Attitude Matters

Your attitude along your weight loss journey can make or break your chances of success. Negative thoughts can be self-perpetuating and can block you from reaching your goals. A positive ‘can-do’ outlook, on the other hand, can set you up for triumph.

Make Goals More Tangible By Writing Them Down

Writing down your weight loss goals can actually make you more accountable to yourself. By committing your aspirations to the page, you are creating a material contract to yourself. Tracking your progress in a journal or on your phone can also help you stay on track and tweak your habits along the way.

Keep Your Goals Attainable

You’ve probably heard this one mentioned in regard to weight loss before but it is so important to keep your goals reasonable so they are within your reach. If you set an unrealistic goal like losing 100 pounds in 2 months, you will be setting yourself up for frustration and shortcoming. By starting smaller, it will help give yourself the confidence and motivation to continue increasing your goals bit by bit until you are where you want to be.

Don’t Get Hung up on The Scale

Yes, the numbers are important when you’re trying to nix those extra pounds but there are other ways of assessing your progress. A couple good progress tracking methods are to: measuring your weight loss in inches instead of pounds, or just weigh in once a month so you don’t get disappointed or thrown off by daily fluctuations.

Make Your Technology Work For You

There are so many great digital weight loss and health resources in our technological world such as activity tracking apps, wearable fitness tools and interactive fitness games such as Wii Fit. Many apps and wearables also give you access to a supportive community of others in pursuit of their own weight loss goals who may help you stay motivated as well.

That concludes part 1 of our motivational tips for reaching weight loss goals, stay tuned for part 2 next! Thanks for visiting DocChat, we always love to have you!