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Could There be a Medical Cause Behind a Suffering Libido?

In our stressful, fast-paced world, it is no surprise that many people experience a sex-drive drought every now and then. While most cases of suffering libidos are psychological or emotional by nature, sometimes there is a more medical cause. Let’s take a look at some of the potential conditions or medical situations that could cause the unfortunate side effect of a de-railed sex drive:

  1. Fatigue – Whether you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or any other type of fatigue, feeling physically and emotionally drained will almost always negatively affect sexual function and drive.
  2. Type 2 diabetes – Poorly controlled type 2 diabetes can cause both men and women to experience lower libidos as well as impaired sexual function (such as erectile dysfunction in men). Research suggests that people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to experience decreased interest in sex than those without the disease. This may be because of the complicated nature of the disease, comorbid depression, low energy levels as well as medications that can interfere with sexual function.
  3. Sleep or sensorimotor problems – People who have insomnia or sensorimotor conditions like restless leg syndrome that interfere with a good night’s sleep may be too tired much of the time and therefor, generally less interested in pursuing sex than those who regularly sleep well.
  4. Chronic pain – It is hard to be ‘in the mood’ when you experience daily pain. Those with arthritis or other conditions that cause them to be in pain much of the time often experience issues with sexual drive or function because of their near-constant discomfort. If you are always in pain and it is interfering with areas of your life such as sleep or sexual functioning, talk to your doctor (or one of ours!) soon about pain management options.
  5. Menopause – Hormonal imbalances or changes such as those experienced during menopause may cause a woman to have a lower (or higher) sex drive either temporarily, or long term. If you are experiencing changes in your libido because of menopause, talk to your doctor about any medical options such as medications that may help you.
  6. Lifestyle – If you are a moderate or heavy drinker or smoker, you may find yourself unable to, or uninterested in engaging in sexual activity.
  7. Autoimmune diseases can sometimes cause random inflammation all over the body as well as physical problems with the genitals such as vaginal constriction. These problems may lead to a reduced sex drive.
  8. Medications – Many medications such as antidepressants or corticosteroids may adversely affect your sex drive or ability to perform sexual activity.
  9. Dyspareunia – Women who experience pain during sex (dyspareunia) will likely have lower sex drives until the problem is rectified. Certain conditions or anatomical abnormalities may cause pain during intercourse.
  10. Post-surgery – Having to get surgery (especially on the genitals or breasts) often hamper a person’s sex drive, sometimes for long after the surgery is healed.
  11. Heart disease – People with heart conditions may be afraid to engage in sex (or advised not to do so) until their condition is better controlled. High blood pressure medications can cause a lowered libido or sexual dysfunction as they decrease the force of blood flow to the lower part of the body.

There you have some of the potential medical causes of a low libido. Thanks for visiting DocChat! We hope you return again soon.