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Medical And Natural Stretchmarks Treatment


Stretchmarks, medically known as straie, are a type of scarring millions of people develop when the dermis (the skin’s middle layer) stretches beyond its tolerance. This causes connective tissue and elasticity to break down creating thin, long scars. These can occur on any area of the body but are most common on the stomach, thighs and hips. While stretchmarks pose no health risks and don’t bother some people, many others wish to lessen or remove them. There are a few different options available for this.

What Causes Stretchmarks?

Most often losing or gaining a significant amount of weight, becoming pregnant or growing too fast for the skin to catch up causes stretchmarks to form. Ethnicity seems to factor in, as people with darker complexions are generally less likely to have as pronounced stretchmarks. Medical research illustrates that some people may have a genetic predisposition for developing stretchmarks as well.

Why Treat Them?

There is no medical reason to treat stretchmarks, they won’t cause any health risks.  The main reason people seek to lessen or remove them is aesthetic. Some people aren’t worried about their stretchmarks, and power to those people for feeling comfortable in their own skin! But to those who aren’t happy with the streaks, it makes perfect sense to try to reduce the appearance of the marks. Often when people spend months training to become more fit and lose a considerable amount of weight, the stretchmarks and lose skin remain an unpleasant thorn in the side after working so hard. This is understandable, but to each his or her own!

Non-Medical Options

For people who just wish to fade stretchmarks there are many non-invasive skincare products out there that have a proven track record for helping. Striae creams can at least lessen the appearance of stretchmarks. They may not be as effective as medical procedures but they are much cheaper and non-invasive. Some of these creams contain such ingredients as a synthetic duck feather moisture which has shown promise in reducing the appearance of scars. The problem is there are a surplus of ineffective ‘knock off’ creams, so it is best to do adequate research before purchasing. These creams generally work better on fresh stretchmarks and scars rather than older, more defined ones.

What Are The Surgical Options?

There are a few medical procedures people can undergo to remove or lessen stretchmarks including laser stretchmark removal, surgical stretchmark removal, microdermabrasion, blue light therapy or chemical peels. Laser stretchmark removal, also known as ablation, uses an excimer laser to disintegrate the skin tissue so it will grow back without as many marks. Abdominoplasty surgery (commonly known as the ‘tummy tuck’) removes extra skin and stretchmarks via surgery. This is the costliest, most invasive and riskiest treatment, but it is also hailed as the most effective for actually eliminating them.

Chemical Peel And Microdermabrasion 

Chemical peels are essentially just as they sound, they use chemicals to peel off the skin containing the stretchmarks in hopes new skin will heel mark-free. Microdermabrasion has a similar objective as chemical peels, but uses very fine crystals to essentially file away problem skin. Because of the risks and cost involved in medical striae removal methods, anyone considering them should do adequate research, speak with different doctors and ensure the procedure is right for them before proceeding.

Natural Remedies

It is difficult to know how effective natural treatments are as there isn’t as much empirical research to back up or refute the claims, but many dermatologists recommend trying such home remedies as:

  • Sugar which is known for its natural exfoliating effects which can help with scars and impurities.
  • Aloe Vera is highly esteemed as an effective remedy for many skin issues, including improving scars and stretchmarks.
  • Castor oil has proven effective in helping certain skin issues such as fading scars.
  • Olive oil also helps naturally moisturize and reinvigorate the skin.

So there are many options to consider if you feel the need to lessen the appearance of stretchmarks. It is important to consider all your options before choosing to ensure you know the risks and benefits. Thanks for visiting DocChat!