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15 Foods That Can Worsen High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance produced by lipids in the bloodstream that helps the body build healthy cells, but when cholesterol levels raise too high, this waxy substance starts building up in your arteries and can lead to cardiovascular disease. It is important for those with high cholesterol to make lifestyle changes that can help lower the numbers. Making dietary changes is an important step in lowering cholesterol.

Foods That Can Raise Cholesterol

Some foods that can contribute to high cholesterol and should be avoided or limited include:

  1. Saturated fats like butter, lard and bacon grease (use extra virgin olive oil instead)
  2. Coconut and coconut-based products are high in fat and can raise cholesterol levels
  3. Hydrogenated vegetable oils like those in shortening, condiments and junk food
  4. High-fat meats such as beef, sausages, processed meat or bacon
  5. Organ meats like liver or kidney meat
  6. Alcohol can drive up triglyceride levels
  7. Dried fruit as it is high in sugar
  8. Oil-Packed Fish (choose water-packed or fresh instead)
  9. Certain snacks like chips or microwave popcorn (aside from being starch-based, it is loaded with chemical butter substitutes)
  10. Starchy veggies like corn or potatoes
  11. Rich desserts such as milk chocolate and puddings
  12. Sugar – try having your coffee black and consider baking with substitutes for sugar such as stevia
  13. Sugary drinks like pop or juice
  14. Full-fat milk products (stick to low fat choices)
  15. Simple carbs such as those found in muffins, crackers or white bread

Limiting these foods is a good start toward lowering your cholesterol. Keep an eye out for the best foods to help control high cholesterol in the future! Thanks for visiting DocChat.