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Make 2017 Your Happiest, Healthiest Year Yet (Part 2)

As the next year quickly approaches many of us get excited about making resolutions to make the New Year the healthiest and happiest one, but often end up disappointed that these plans didn’t quite pan out. Sometimes that is because we don’t stop to think about just how important these changes can be and how they often act as dominoes to the next important change. In order to live an overall happy and healthy life, many things need to be balanced such as sleep, diet, fitness, stress level and mental health. Last time we looked at how to better mental well-being, nutrition and fitness, next up are:

Score Great Sleeps

Adequate sleep is a pillar of good health. Are you getting at least 6 hours a night? The goal is between 6-9 hours of sleep every night, getting less or more than that could lead to chronic lethargy or worse. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NIH), not getting enough sleep over the long-term can contribute to mental and physical health problems, quality of life as well as safety. Do you want to know if your sleeping habits are on target? Take our quiz.

Rely on Relaxation

Our world is a stressful one. Between over-working, technology over-use and hefty financial demands, it is easy to find one’s self chronically stressed. When you are in a state of near-constant stress, your cortisol and adrenaline levels are out of whack (thanks to our innate fight-or-flight response to potential threats). This is a bigger problem than you may think. Chronic stress can exacerbation nearly every existing health problem. Therefor, it is of utmost importance that you work to lower your stress level if it is elevated. How? There are many things you can do between taking up meditation, getting massages, exercising regularly or talking to a therapist. Check out these 10 helpful tactics in our Stress Busters post.

Happify Your Heart

Aside from lowering your stress, it is also important to set aside time in your daily life to do things you love and are passionate about. Whether that means a daily drawing or painting session, some routine woodworking, or cuddles with your pet or significant other, make sure you allot yourself time for what makes you smile. All too often we get stuck on autopilot running errands, driving the kids around, doing housework, and before you know it another day is done. It is so important to shake that routine up with things that make you truly happy. This will aid in your sleep, stress level and mental health, greatly improving your quality of life.

So, make 2017 the Year of You and get your life back in balance by working on each of these areas. Thanks for visiting DocChat, we wish you all the happiness 2017 can bring!