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Pets and Health Risks

Your pets might be carrying germs that can harm you and your family. We come into close contact with our pets all the time. It is important to understand the health risks that our furry little friends might expose us to. It is very important that you take care of your pets for you to be and stay healthy.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet
Making the decision to get a pet should be made after careful consideration. Caring for a pet requires time and patience. The expenses of having a pet should also be considered. Consult your local vet’s office for advice; they will be able to guide you properly. Your family’s lifestyle, home, and available outdoor space are also important factors.

The Risks Associated With Having Pets
Pets can pose a risk to your health and make you ill. People do not take proper care of their pets. Most pets can lead much happier, healthier lives if their owners take better care of them, take them to the vet, and get them properly vaccinated. Good hygiene habits are also important.

Common Risks
● Pet fur, feather, and dander can aggravate your allergies and asthma
● Tripping over pets and falling injuries are commonly reported
● Pet bites and attacks can cause serious injury leading to infection or blood loss
● Spread of parasitic diseases
● Animal misbehavior might cause stress
A Few Serious and Rare Health Risks
● Pets can acquire unpleasant infections, these infections can be transmitted to their owners. The illnesses are rare but still pose a risk if the owner is not educated about pet care.
● Dogs and cats can transmit bacteria that cause intestinal problems.
● It is possible that pets might contract the dangerous MRSA infection while visiting hospitals.
● Pets such as reptiles and rodents have been known to spread Salmonella.
● Tapeworm infections

Pet Care Tips to Help your Pet Stay Healthy
You need to take care of your pet’s health. Animals that are healthy and well-cared for can remain with you for a long time. Neglected pets can become ill, eventually transferring these germs to their surroundings. Keep your home, family, and pets safe by following these tips.

● Regular pet check-ups at the veterinarian
● Be sure to spay/neuter your pets
● Regular flea and intestinal parasite control
● Vaccinate your pets
● Make sure your pet’s weight stays in a healthy range
● Regular brushing of their teeth
● Never give any human medicine to your pets, it could prove fatal
● Supervise all direct contact between your pets and small children

If you take care of all these points your pet will be healthy, and you will be healthy as well. Unfortunately, telemedicine services for pets are not yet available but humans can be treated well. So if you feel you have health issues that are caused by your pets, please feel free to get in touch.