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12 High-Protein Foods to Stock Up On

Protein is an essential building block to good nutrition and keeping your body fit and healthy. It is composed of amino acids that help build and maintain, muscles, hair and collagen. It is also important for those who are trying to reach a healthy weight to consume protein-rich foods. However, because of high calories or other attributes, some protein choices are better than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best sources of protein:

  1. Chicken or Turkey breast – 1 chicken breast contains over 50 grams of protein!
  2. Pumpkin seeds – all seeds are rich in protein, but in a 100-gram serving of pumpkin seeds there is approximately 30 grams of protein! Seeds are high in fat and calories, but contain so many healthful goodies that it more than balances out.
  3. Tuna – one serving of Bluefin tuna contains approximately 30 grams of protein!
  4. Salmon – Salmon is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Along with plenty of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, there is over 20 grams of protein in a 100 gram serving of Atlantic salmon.
  5. Greek yogurt – most dairy products are rich in protein but greek yogurt has more than most (10 grams per serving). The low-fat version has less sugar, calories and fat than most dairy products as well.
  6. Tofu – clocking in at nearly 20 grams of protein in half a cup, tofu is one of the best meatless sources of protein.
  7. Black beans – beans are very rich in protein. They are another good source of protein for those who do not eat meat. A serving of beans contains between 10 and 25 grams of protein depending on the type.
  8. Oats ­– oats are jam-packed with healthful goodies such as fiber. A bowel contains over 13 grams of protein.
  9. Eggs – Boil 2 large eggs for breakfast and you’ll have yourself 12 grams of protein, adding only about 160 calories.
  10. Nuts – peanuts or almonds are both great choices with 6-7 grams of protein per 1 ounce serving.

There you have our favorite 10 protein-rich foods! Thanks for visiting DocChat, stay healthy and happy.


7 Reasons To Chow Down on Thanksgiving Turkey

While research has linked excess meat consumption with adverse health issues like cardiovascular disease, some types of meat are more healthful choices than others. Red meat is most highly associated with health issues, whereas lean meats like turkey can actually provide many health benefits.

7 Reasons to Gobble Down Some Turkey

  1. Turkey is rich in potassium, valuable B vitamins, zinc and iron.
  2. Skinless turkey breast is less fatty than most other types of meat.
  3. Turkey contains selenium, a mineral that has shown promise in reducing risk of certain types of cancer such as prostate and colorectal.
  4. Turkey is a top-notch source of protein. A mere 4-ounce serving has over 20 grams of protein (nearly a day’s worth)!
  5. Pasture-raised turkey is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  6. Turkey is rich in the amino acid tryptophan which has many important functions in the body such as regulating hormones like serotonin, regulating sleep and aiding the production of helpful B vitamin, niacin.
  7. Dark turkey meat in particular may play a part in helping lower cholesterol levels due to its taurine.

Considerations to Heed

Regular turkey consumption can be quite beneficial to your health but remember, everything in moderation! Turkey is healthier when its fatty skin has been removed. Also, please note that these benefits are in reference to real turkey meat, not processed sandwich meats. Many processed meats tend to be high in sodium and unhealthy nitrates.

We hope you enjoy your holiday turkey! Thanks for visiting DocChat!

This Or That? 5 Better Protein Choices


Protein is an essential nutritional building block that is sometimes misunderstood. People often think they can eat any source of protein to gain all the benefits, but many foods are high in saturated fats which can counterbalance the healthful effects of protein. Protein is integral for cell, tissue and organ health, building muscle, converting amino acids to energy, maintaining skin, nail and hair health and helping fight disease. Some better protein choices include:

  1. Choose Meat Wisely

    Even though it contains protein, red meat is also high in saturated fat and has been linked to several serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. If it is meat you’re craving for your protein fix, stick to lean meats such as skinless chicken or turkey, and keep portion sizes limited to that of a deck of cards.

  2. Tofo Or Not Tofo?

    One better than lean meats may be tofu. Tofu is an ancient pressed soya that originated in China thousands of years ago. It is very popular among vegans and vegetarians as a meat alternative protein source. Tofu is a fabulous source of protein as it contains 8 essential amino acids. Tofu also contains isoflavones, healthful plant-based chemicals.

  3. Bring On The Tootin’

    Beans are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. They are fiber powerhouses, sources of healthy fats and packed to the brim with protein. Beans may be a better source of protein than certain foods that are high in saturated fat such as dense whole grain breads. This ‘magical fruit’ may make you toot, but a little gas may be well worth the immense health benefits and high protein content of beans.

  4. Be Picky About Your Dairy

    Dairy has long been hailed as a champion protein food group, but unfortunately many dairy products are high in saturated fat which can be counterproductive especially if you are trying to lose or maintain weight. Choosing options like skim milk, skim yogurt or Greek yogurt are better dairy choices. An 8oz glass of skim milk contains 5 grams of protein and few calories.

  5. Something Fishy

    Fish is another excellent source of protein, among other amazing health goodies such as omega-3 fatty acids. Most fish is also quite low in saturated fat which is another selling point. Research suggests at least 2 servings of fish a week can aid overall health in many ways.

  6. Aw, Nuts!

    The last installment of better protein choices to make are nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds both very rich in protein, fiber and can help cut down on ‘bad’ cholesterol. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin E. They are both better protein alternatives to store-bought power bars. Why go synthetic when you can have a handful of bite-sized natural protein goldmines?

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