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Why Orthopedic Surgeons Are Accepting Telemedicine

Medical doctor pointing at radiograph x-ray image

The implementation of telemedicine has become quite popular in recent years. Not only is it transforming the medical arena, but also it is seen to aid in medical training and learning. Thus, it is not surprising that more and more orthopedic surgeons are becoming not only accepting, but also welcoming of telemedicine.

Following are the reasons as to why telemedicine is so appealing for orthopedic surgeons.

·Allows Convenience and Satisfaction for Patients

Since it a simple video technology which allows for a live interaction between the patient and the surgeon to have access to each other, anywhere and anytime, it is really convenient for the patients. Rather than taking time off from work and making a visit all the way to the hospital for their post ops, patients can simply have access to their surgeons through telemedicine in exchange of a small fee. Not only does telemedicine save patients excess trouble of making an appointment with their surgeon but also saves their valuable time.

Also, it provides increased patient satisfaction as they no longer have to wait and endure a hurried advice of the doctor. Rather, because of telemedicine they now have the doctor’s undivided attention.

·Convenient for the Orthopedic Surgeons

Surgeons and their assistants are already overburdened with the paperwork and other administrative tasks. Telemedicine tends to reduce their burden significantly as physicians are able to tend to the patients and prescribe them appropriate medication by conversing with them and seeing their wounds through a live video feed, without having to fill in the paperwork for their patients as per hospital policy. The time saved then can be invested in other pressing matters.

·Increased Revenue for Orthopedic Surgeons

In general, surgeons get paid according to the time they spend in OR. After hours call or visits from patients are not documented and registered by the hospitals. Nor are post-op examinations compensated which require a lot of time and care by the physician. Telemedicine allows the surgeons to give medical advice to their patients and cover the post-op through a live video in exchange of a small fee. Thus, telemedicine reimburses the physicians and is looked at as a suitable option by many.

Moreover, practicing telemedicine also allows surgeons to make more revenue. This is because, since patients find it convenient to have a virtual treatment rather than pay a visit, they are more likely to reach out to their physician even if they are suffering through a mild ankle sprain. Thus, charging a low fee for virtual treatments allows surgeons to make additional revenue.