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So, You’ve Lost The Weight – Now What? (Part 1)

It can be a tremendous struggle to shed stubborn extra pounds, but sometimes even when that goal is finally accomplished, it is a bittersweet victory. There are other obstacles that may arise post-weight loss such as maintenance, staying motivated when it comes to fitness, or dealing with temporary re-gains. Even though these can all be challenging obstacles, it is important to continue working to keep your BMI in a healthy range if you are concerned about leading a healthier life. Losing extra weight (and keeping it off) significantly lowers your risk of developing such prevalent weight-related conditions as cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes. So, what are some tips to help you surmount potential post-weight loss problems? Let’s take a look:

It is So Hard to Stay On Track

It can be tricky to stay motivated and excited about fitness and healthy eating daily, but luckily, you don’t need to look any further than your phone for ideas to keep things fun. There are countless exciting fitness activities and delicious healthy recipes out there that can keep you pumped about living healthier. After all, it is pretty hard to argue that the average human feels better after eating greasy chips and donuts all day than eating a well balanced, body-fueling meals. That in itself is great motivator to keep up your good work.

I’ve Gained a Little Back And Feel Like Throwing In the Towel

Everyone has set backs from time to time, but the trick is not to let them define your path going forward. Okay, so you had a cheat-weekend of junk-food, Netflix and too much chill, so what? Just get right back on track come Monday and you’ll be rocking your progress again in no time. The problem arises when people have a defeatist attitude toward set backs and just give up instead of refocusing and continuing on their path of health. Just recognize that we are all human, it is only natural to fall off the healthy living wagon every once in a while. The important thing is to quickly pick yourself up again, dust yourself off and get back to what matters (trying not to be too hard on yourself in the process).

I Don’t Want to Feel Like I’m Always “On a Diet”

Well, don’t! It’s all in the outlook. If you look at healthy living like a chore that you have to trudge through, the going will likely get pretty tough. However, if you look at it as a fun daily challenge to try different fitness activities or make eating healthy exciting, life will be better. Actual “diets” are notorious for setting people up to fail. Fad diets have earned the name “yo-yo diets” for a reason. They often lure people in with the promise of quick weight loss, only for the person to gain it all back very quickly (plus more). The plan that has been time-tested to get weight off and keep it off is simply to make healthier eating choices and workout 5-7 times weekly. So, banish the word “diet” from your vocabulary today for a better shot at lifelong success.

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How to Reach Your Fitness #Goals (Part 1)

We all start with good intentions when it comes to getting in shape, but it can be tricky to stay motivated and see your weight loss goal through to the end. Because reaching a healthy weight is so important for good health, we wanted to take a look at some tips and tricks that may help you stay the course:

Attitude Matters

Your attitude along your weight loss journey can make or break your chances of success. Negative thoughts can be self-perpetuating and can block you from reaching your goals. A positive ‘can-do’ outlook, on the other hand, can set you up for triumph.

Make Goals More Tangible By Writing Them Down

Writing down your weight loss goals can actually make you more accountable to yourself. By committing your aspirations to the page, you are creating a material contract to yourself. Tracking your progress in a journal or on your phone can also help you stay on track and tweak your habits along the way.

Keep Your Goals Attainable

You’ve probably heard this one mentioned in regard to weight loss before but it is so important to keep your goals reasonable so they are within your reach. If you set an unrealistic goal like losing 100 pounds in 2 months, you will be setting yourself up for frustration and shortcoming. By starting smaller, it will help give yourself the confidence and motivation to continue increasing your goals bit by bit until you are where you want to be.

Don’t Get Hung up on The Scale

Yes, the numbers are important when you’re trying to nix those extra pounds but there are other ways of assessing your progress. A couple good progress tracking methods are to: measuring your weight loss in inches instead of pounds, or just weigh in once a month so you don’t get disappointed or thrown off by daily fluctuations.

Make Your Technology Work For You

There are so many great digital weight loss and health resources in our technological world such as activity tracking apps, wearable fitness tools and interactive fitness games such as Wii Fit. Many apps and wearables also give you access to a supportive community of others in pursuit of their own weight loss goals who may help you stay motivated as well.

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12 Tips For Fitness Success (Part 1)

There are many things you can do to help ensure better fitness success. Some of which include:

  1. Find a fitness buddy  

    Choose wisely when it comes to finding a buddy to hit the gym or sidewalk with. Choose a friend who shares an interest in the fitness activities you enjoy, and one who will encourage you to continue working out instead of opt for the drive-thru instead.

  2. Carve out “fit-ortunities’ wherever you can find them  

    You don’t necessarily need a solid free hour to exercise. In our fast-paced world, few can routinely carve out large chunks of time to make it to the gym, but that needn’t be the case. If you find 10 minutes between appointments, then another 10 later on for a cardio burst, and maybe 10 more for some pre-bed yoga, you are doing great!

  3. Make sure you’re decked-for-success  

    You won’t want to workout if your shoes and clothes are uncomfortable or inappropriate for the activities you wish to do. Invest in some good quality, well-fitting sneakers and some breathable workout clothing so you can work out in comfort and style.

  4. Pump up your playlist

    By tailoring your tunes to suit your workout, you could burn even more calories. If you are listening to your ‘slow chill’ playlist, you’ll likely be more laid back, but if you are listening to your motivational (or “pump-up”) playlist with upbeat music, you may push your workout a little harder. Good music can also distract you from the workout at hand as well, which is helpful for those who don’t love working out as much as others may.

  5. Document your journey  

    Another fitness success tip is to take before and after photos. Take one when you really start to get into your fitness journey so you can see how far you’ve come later. This will really help make your progress tangible, and help to encourage you to stay the course and continue toward your goal.

  6. Avoid the daily weigh-in

    Daily weigh-ins may work for some people, but more often than not they can be discouraging. Weight fluctuates daily, starting lower in the morning and steadily changing throughout the day. Many factors can effect these daily numbers which can lead to false readings. Weekly or biweekly weigh-ins can show more drastic changes which can be encouraging (or can serve as motivation to work harder), and get a better idea of your weight minus daily fluctuations.

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