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Can Low Blood Pressure Also be Troublesome?

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Today, almost every other person in your social circle complains about high blood pressure and its terrifying effects as it can cause a stroke and several other heart diseases.

Though it is not as severe as high blood pressure, low blood pressure is still alarming. Another name for low blood pressure is hypotension. While low blood pressure varies individual to individual, doctors generally consider a blood pressure reading lower than 90/60mmHg as low blood pressure.

Here are some of the problems that low blood pressure can cause:

Restricts the Amount of Blood Flowing into the Brain

Mostly, this is a result of flawed and incorrect signals from the brain. People with neurally mediated hypotension i.e. flawed brain signals, have nerves signaling to the brain that there is high blood pressure which consequently results into low amounts of blood flowing to the brain.

If dropped too low, blood pressure can prevent blood from flowing to the brain and many other vital organs of your body. As a result it can cause blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, along with fainting spells.

Cause of Severe Dehydration

Though naturally, low blood pressure is not worrisome, it can still be troublesome. This is because low blood pressure is usually caused by excessive dehydration. Low blood pressure, along with some other symptoms like fever, vomiting etc. causes your body to lose excessive amounts of water which can be a serious cause of concern.

Underlying Diseases or Nervous Systems Disorder

An abnormally low blood pressure indicates the existence of some underlying conditions or damage to the nervous system. You might be suffering from a heart condition or have nervous systems disorders like Parkinson’s disease which triggers low blood pressure. So, it is important to establish your low blood pressure level and if it is extremely low, you need to get yourself examined in case you are suffering from any underlying diseases.

Causes Your Body to Go into Shock

Since low blood pressure means that your brain, kidney and many other vital organs are not receiving the adequate amount of blood, it can cause severe problems like strokes, heart attacks and kidney failures. Heart attack can be caused when the heart is unable to supply enough blood to the various organs in the body, resulting in your body to go into cardiogenic shock.

The most severe problem low blood pressure is likely to cause is shock. This sudden and severe drop in the amount of blood pumping to vital organs means that tissues are not receiving enough oxygen which can cause death within a short amount of time.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, it is important that you speak to an expert. There is no need to worry as help is right here. Get in touch with us today and see what you should do to feel better and healthier.