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How Much Weight Should You Lose for Other People to Notice?

Have you been following a strict fat-free diet plan for months? Going for early morning runs around town? Even joined the gym for regular exercising? Still no one’s noticing the pounds you shed?

The Magic Number

Don’t worry if the answer to the above questions is affirmative. Apparently you need to lose at least eight pounds to make other people notice and appreciate the change. It takes a great deal of time, energy and patience to get rid of a few extra pounds and even more hard work and patience to get your friends and family to take notice.

Based on a relatively recent study carried by University of Toronto researchers, both women and men need to lose at least eight pounds, i.e. three and a half to four kilograms in order for other people to notice the change. Now you have the exact amount of weight that you need to be working on to burn off.

But Attractiveness Requires More

While losing eight to nine pounds may not seem to be such a hardship, it is not enough. Even though losing on eight pounds may get people to notice the changes, you need to lose twice as much if you are hoping to be found attractive by others. Don’t believe it? See for yourself how researchers came to this conclusion in their journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. However, remember this: how much weight you ‘should’ lose depends on how overweight you are.

In order to come to the above conclusion of how much weight must one lose, the researchers compiled photos and pictures of both men and women between the ages 20 to 40. These pictures were then duplicated and digitally altered in order to make them appear to gain weight slowly and gradually in each different picture. Having done this, participants were asked to compare the headshots and note which face looked heavier. It was based on these responses that the researchers calculated the threshold at which the weight loss changes became more visible and eventually attractive and appealing.

Females Have The Advantage

Also, good news for women – according to the research, women’s facial attractiveness is more sensitive to weight changes compared to men. To put it simply, this means that in order to boost their attractiveness, women need to lose less weight when compared to men.

Now that you know the magic number that will make you more appealing and attractive, your workout and diet routine can become more focused and easy. Dietary changes can really help in addition to exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Get in touch with us today to know how you can lose the extra pounds in a healthy manner.