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15 Ways to Workout at the Office

Are you often too tired to workout after a long day at work and not enough of a “morning person” to workout before your job begins? How about these quick and easy exercises you can do while at work! Let’s check them out:

  1. Get a balance ball chair to work your core all day while you sit
  2. Take the stairs every time you have to change floors (whether its twice or 20 times a day)
  3. Do leg and foot exercises under the desk, like toe taps or leg lifts
  4. Keep lightweights at and use them for 5 minutes every hour
  5. Do kegels at your desk (they can benefit men too!)
  6. Do glute squeezes every time you’re standing
  7. Fit in calf raises while waiting for the copier
  8. Take a break from the computer and see how long you can do a wall sit
  9. On a break, pop outside and run around the building a couple times
  10. Hold a ream of paper straight up over your head and bend your arms behind your head
  11. Challenge your workmates to a fitness competition
  12. Eat quick and go to the gym on your lunch break
  13. Lift a ream of paper with your feet intermittently under your desk while working
  14. Try doing your work while standing
  15. Work your obliques with these great office chair workouts

So there you have it, workout while you work! Thanks for visiting DocChat, check back soon!