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Life Hacks For The Highly Sensitive (Part 1)

In yesterday’s post about highly sensitive people (HSPs), we promised some hints on how to better manage hypersensitive traits for better quality of life. Here are the first batch:

  1. Stop trying to change yourself. Most HSPs spend plenty of time wondering what is wrong with them. Why do you cry during that one commercial? Why can’t you watch violent movies? Why do seemingly insignificant things bother you so much? Hey, you are what you are! Nothing is wrong with you, nothing is broken. You just have to learn to make your HSP-ness work for you! You’re unique, and that is always cool. It is okay to walk against the current. Embrace your hypersensitivity, just learn to train it a little so you have a more comfortable life.
  2. Reacquaint yourself with nature. HSPs are usually pretty in sync with nature. Not all, but many HSPs are spiritual and feel calmer and more comfortable outdoors, so try to get out more. The vitamin D alone is a great reason, but it may also help you regulate your thoughts and emotions.
  3. Reframe your HSP traits. It is easy for us HSPs to pick on ourselves. While we may see positives easily in others, we are our own worst enemies and usually focus too much energy on our own faults and flaws. Instead of berating yourself for letting your thoughts spiral, try to rewrite your internal dialogue to think positively about yourself. Remind yourself of all the awesome traits you possess because of your highly sensitive nature. These may include conscientiousness, social and global awareness, creativity, a curious and inquisitive mind, extra empathy or perhaps altruistic nature.
  1. Learn to corral your natural tendency to be the best. You’re the front line of help for everyone you love, the keenest student in class, the most over-the-top employee. Giving all of yourself to every task you do has consequences. It is good to have that ‘go-getter’ spirit, but if you don’t learn to slow down and moderate it you will burn out, and may even end up with physical health problems from running yourself into the ground.
  2. Tailor your habits to suit your HSP needs. If you find bustling crowds stressful, try running your errands outside ‘normal’ hours, like doing your grocery shopping an hour before the store closes so the store will be much less crowded. Try catching a weekday movie instead of a peak night showing. If you’re more comfortable in smaller groups, factor that into your social plans. It is okay to accommodate yourself.

  3. Pay attention to your body’s unique needs. You should change dietary habits that may be wearing on you such as too much caffeine, artificial colors or additives – HSPs often have allergies and food intolerances because they are generally physically hypersensitive as well as mentally and emotionally. Eat healthy so you will have more energy (HSPs often struggle with fatigue). Also, be sure you don’t overexert yourself and end up needing to spend too much time recovering. HSPs are usually all-or-nothing which can be detrimental when it comes to exercise. Try low-key exercises, such as yoga which will be easier on your body also help to quell your mind a little and center you before or after a long day.
  4. Take time for your favourite small pleasures. Love cuddling? Reading? Coloring? Allow yourself some time each day for the little things that make you happy and get those endorphins flowing. This will help block out stress and negativity that you may gather throughout the day. Hobbies are important outlets for HSPs as many of us are creative and need to purge all the pent up emotion or anxiety. Making art or woodworking are good ways to do that but really, most any productive hobby will do!

Thanks for visiting DocChat! Keep an eye out for HSP Life Hacks Part 2 in the future!