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Quick and Nutritious Meal Ideas

In our fast-paced world it can be hard to carve out two hours everyday to cook a hearty, healthy supper, or to spare more than a few minutes to prepare breakfast or lunch. Luckily, speedy meals don’t always have to skimp on flavour or nutrition. Here are a few of our favourite quick, healthy meal choices:

Healthy, Yummy Breakfast Ideas

  1. A spinach/tomato omelette made with feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil and a cup of mixed berries (frozen berries are delicious too).
  2. Homemade oatmeal and fruit (made from raw oats, not packaged oatmeal which is full of refined sugar) – you can slice in a banana for flavour, or add some cinnamon and stevia to taste
  3. Breadless PB and banana sandwich – for this open-faced delicacy, just cut a banana in half lengthwise, spread your favourite nut-butter on each half and sprinkle homemade granola (combinations of grains, seeds, nuts and dried fruit) on top. Or just some oats and raisons or nuts will do just fine. This sweet treat is nutritious as well, with some added protein from the peanut butter.

Quick and nutritious Lunches

  1. Garlic chicken pizza – take some precooked chicken or quick-fry strips, defrost some garlic bread you have in your freezer (or use slightly toasted normal bread with a quick spread of garlic butter), some cheese of your choice, pizza or tomato sauce and basil. Put it all on the garlic bread and pop it in the oven for a few minutes until the cheese is melted. Voila! A chef-quality lunch in minutes.
  2. Herb and almond salad – clocking in at under 5 minutes of prep time, this nutritious lunch choice has many flavourful elements such as cilantro, chives and nuts. Real Simple has many other delicious, creative salad choices as well.
  3. Chicken and brown rice – make some brown rice, and add precooked, lightly grilled chicken, chives and some low-sodium soy sauce for a super quick, scrumptious meal full of fibre and flavor.


Speedy, Beneficial Supper Ideas

  1. Garlic beef and bean stir fry (you can substitute pork for more heart-healthy choice). This quick supper idea has protein, fibre and flavour, and is easy on the clock!
  2. Fresh Salmon and Steamed Broccoli – fresh salmon doesn’t take long to cook, only about half an hour, and steamed broccoli takes mere minutes. For flavouring, you can melt some cream cheese to mix through your broccoli. Salmon usually only needs some pepper or spices of choice. Spicy Thai sauce is delicious on salmon and broccoli as well.
  3. Almost Instant Tuna Casserole – if you like tuna, this will be one of the tastiest meals you’ll eat, and it can be prepared in minutes. To make, start boiling a serving of noodles (or brown rice noodles for a gluten free option). Put a little bit of butter in another pot on medium heat until melted, add a teaspoon of flour (or gluten free flour), turn the burner down a bit and add in you favourite spices like parsley, chives, garlic and pepper. Pour some liquid chicken broth into the mixture and bring to a boil. When boiled, reduce heat and add in a full can of flaked tuna. Once the tuna starts boiling, add some more chicken broth, boil, then turn the heat to low and simmer. Pour the mixture over your strained noodles (or a cup of brown rice) for a lovely, healthy supper in 10 minutes.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Here at DocChat, we like to keep pre-chopped bell peppers, cucumber and celery in the fridge for quick, healthy snacks. We love humus or tzatziki sauce for dipping. Raisons make a yummy afternoon snack when you’re in the mood for something sweet. Cheese strings are a good, quick snack choice as well because they limit the cheese serving to the proper size, instead of cutting off more than you should chew from the cheese block.