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15 Neat Facts About Your Lungs

The lungs are pretty amazing instruments. They are the two vital organs largely responsible for breathing, the most necessary function to sustain life. So let’s find out some interesting facts about these amazing organs:

  1. The lungs are the only internal organs that would float in water.
  2. A sneeze can reach the speed of 10mph.
  3. The total weight of both lungs is nearly 3 pounds.
  4. Your right lung is divided into 3 lobes, while the left is divided into 2. The left lung is smaller to accommodate your heart.
  5. It is possible to live (restrictedly) with only one lung.
  6. At birth, the lungs are pink in color but pollution begins to darken them almost immediately.
  7. At rest, we breath between 13-20 times a minute.
  8. You will inhale approximately 45 pounds of dust over your lifetime! Ewww! Bad news for allergy sufferers…
  9. You can’t breathe and swallow simultaneously.
  10. You will breathe about 5 million times this year alone!
  11. If they were to be unfolded, your airways would span about 1500 miles!
  12. When you breathe, your lungs take in oxygen and exhale carbon-dioxide, a process which produces some water.
  13. You actually exhale about 5 millilitres of water an hour, which is nearly 2 cups daily!
  14. There are various lung diseases, one of the most common is asthma. Asthma causes your airways to constrict when exposed to an irritant (like dust, scents or cold air). It also causes your lungs to produce excess mucus during an attack.
  15. Amazingly, your brain senses your blood-oxygen level and causes your lungs to breathe faster or slower according to these levels. Wow!

Now if those facts don’t prove just how incredible the human lungs are, we don’t know what to tell you. Thanks for visiting DocChat!