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Dark Chocolate – Chockfull of Health Benefits

Most of us have heard that eating a couple squares of dark chocolate a day is actually good for you – but how so? Dark chocolate may have even more health benefits than originally thought. However, the type of chocolate matters. We’re not talking yummy, sugary milk chocolate – we are talking about at least 70% good quality dark chocolate without milk or much sugar added. If you chow down on the recommended 2-4 squares a day of this type of chocolate daily, you may begin to notice health benefits. Some benefits of dark chocolate include:

  1. Dark Chocolate is a Nutrient Powerhouse

    Dark chocolate is jam-packed with healthful goodies such as fiber, iron, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese and selenium (a compound with cancer-repelling properties). Cocoa also has one of the highest concentrations of anti-oxidants of any food source – even more than blueberries!

  2. It May Provide PMS Relief 

    Dark chocolate can actually help ease menstruation related symptoms by triggering the release of mood-boosting, natural painkilling endorphins like anandamide. It also contains a great deal of magnesium which can help reduce cramping.

  3. It May Help Lower Blood Pressure

    Research has indicated flavanols found in dark chocolate produce Nitric Oxide, by stimulating the walls of the arteries, signaling the arteries to expand. This expansion reduces the flow of blood through the arteries, thus potentially reducing blood pressure.

  4. It May Provide Diarrhea Relief

    One particular study illustrated that plentiful flavonoids in cocoa help prevent fluid retention in the small intestine which contributes to diarrhea. Cocoa flavonoids can potentially help ease the symptoms of diarrhea when consumed in dark chocolate form (free of the sugar and additional ingredients of milk chocolate). Dark chocolate may provide an alternative to OTC medications which can have adverse side effects.

  5. It Can Contribute To Skin health

    German studies show that dark chocolate may help protect the skin against the sun. The flavanols in dark chocolate can help reduce some signs of UV damage. The iron and vitamins may also help dry skin.

The Benefits Don’t Even End There!

The flavonoids and nutrients in dark chocolate have also shown promise in helping other health conditions including cardiovascular disease, balancing “good” HDL and “bad” LDL cholesterol and improving brain function. So grab a couple squares of dark chocolate a day for some potential health perks! Thanks for visiting DocChat, we hope you’ll stop by again soon!


Can Telemedicine Improve Patient Experience and Boost Your Business?

Old retired woman sitting in front of monitor. She has just sent her blood pressure and pulse information to virtual doctor. At the same time, telemedicine physician is looking at her CT x-ray on the screen

Telemedicine is fast becoming a mainstream part of healthcare. Healthcare providers in the industry are using telehealth and telemedicine solutions. This is mostly due to the proven benefits of these solutions.

The entire cycle of healthcare is experiencing a change because of telemedicine. Telehealth systems have transformed homes, hospitals, care organizations, and behavioral health facilities. Hospitals are able to better support patients, employees and clients when they utilize telemedicine systems. But some organizations are still wondering if a telehealth system is worth the time and investment.

The American Telemedicine Association is a leading authority in the field, the CEO of the organization has stated the following opinion about telemedicine: ‘Some form of telemedicine has existed in primary care for a long time. What’s different is the change in technology and access to broadband that makes it more widely available to doctors and patients.”

Effect on patient care

Telemedicine is a win-win solution for both doctors and patients. These systems allow patients to directly communicate with doctors and relate all their medical issues with adequate face to face time. The doctor is trained to treat a virtual visit just as if it is an in-person visit. The level of care is maintained. Patients living in remote areas can also take advantage of this system and consult properly trained doctors. Patients can be empowered to monitor their health and keep up with their medicine regime through follow-up e-visits by nurses or consultants.
Hospitals often complain of a lack of integrated communication channels between them and their patients. Telehealth can help solve this issue by giving patients access to a single means of communication, record keeping, send emails alerts, or alerts on mobile devices to keep the patient’s informed.

Tech-savvy Patients and Telemedicine

Most patients are comfortable and familiar enough with technology to setup video conferencing and communicate with doctors from their home. This is a convenient option for many because patients can avoid travelling long distances and waiting in long lines at crowded clinics. A survey conducted by Telemedicine and e-Health, concluded that patients are “likely to be accepting of telehealth care to the home using video call and that most have the required technology.”

Benefits of Telemedicine

· Reduce healthcare costs
· Better patient outcomes
· Reductions in the number of readmissions
· Clients and patients are better satisfied with services
· Access to care is easy and quick
· Better communication between doctors and patients
· The outcomes and results are easily tracked
· Telemedicine systems are highly scalable