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5 Common Illnesses You Should NOT Neglect

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We often neglect some common illnesses by considering them minor and thinking they would go away on their own. Your neglect of a common illness and avoidance to seek medical assistance has the potential to create major health complications. The illnesses we deem minor are often the initial signs of the body informing you to take action. If you seek timely medical assistance, you can successfully avert major health problems. Below is a list of the 5 common illnesses you should not neglect.

1. Headache

According to the World Health Organization, 3 in 4 people in the age bracket of 18 to 65 years suffered from some form of headache over the last year. A headache is one of the most common health problems, but also the most neglected one. The most common types of headaches are migraines, tension-type, and headache resulting from excessive use of medications. Having a headache is the first signal your body gives out whenever there is a potential health issue. If left untreated, it can lead to further deterioration and affect other parts of your body.

2. Bleeding gums

A bleeding gum is a symptom that you might be at risk of major dental disease. Bleeding gums are often triggered by accumulation of plaque near the gum line. If ignored and left untreated, bleeding gums can have bad consequences like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The chemicals discharged by your immune cells or the bacteria in your mouth can enter your bloodstream through the bleeding gums and affect other tissues and organs. Remember, your mouth is connected with the rest of your body, and a problem in your mouth can lead to major health complications. Always seek medical assistance whenever you suffer from bleeding gums.

3. Allergy

If you are having an allergy, it means that there is some kind of problem with your immune system. Symptoms of allergy include itches, red eye, runny nose, hives, etc. If ignored and left untreated, allergies can cause major health problems, like asthma and anaphylaxis. You should visit your doctor right away if you are experiencing allergies. Timely medical assistance can not only treat the condition, but also save you from major health issues.

4. Back pain

Back pain is also among the most common, but neglected ailments. Back pain is a symptom of an underlying problem in the muscles, joints, nerves or bones in the spine. Also, problems in the pancreas and gallbladder can create back pain. It is always wise to seek timely medical assistance whenever you experience back pain.

5. Sore throat

A sore throat can create difficulty in eating food and talking, and may lead to fever. It is often caused by bacterial or viral infections. However, a sore throat can also be the symptom of major health problems like inflammation of the tonsils. Therefore, it is better to seek professional help if you have a sore throat instead of self-medication.

If you have any such issue, you should get in touch with us. At times, these are a sign of big underlying problems, and at times something that can be corrected with the help of an OTC medicine. Nonetheless, expert advice is always recommended.


Five Types of Fever

A fever signifies an abnormal, temporary rise in body temperature due to a medical condition. The rise can be continuous or may cycle over time. The onset of fever can occur due to a myriad of different medical conditions. Normally the human body has a temperature in the range of 37.5-38.3°C (99.5-100.9°F). If an illness occurs, body temperature rises above normal values and might go to extremes of 41-42°C (105.8-107.6°F).

Malarial Fever
Malaria is a disease caused by a type of parasite categorized as Plasmodium. It is a serious disease but preventable and completely curable.

● Fever
● Chills
● Flu-like symptoms
● Vomiting

Yellow Fever
Yellow fever is a serious viral infection which is spread by a certain type of mosquito. It is common in sub-Saharan parts of Africa. Human-to-human transmission does not occur. About 15% of sufferers will experience the advanced stages of Yellow Fever. Mortality rate in the advanced stage is 50%. Preventive vaccinations are available for protection against this disease.

● Fever
● Headache
● Vomiting and/or nausea
● General muscle pain (backaches)
Advanced Stage
● Jaundice
● Kidney failure
● Bleeding from the eyes, mouth or nose
● Bloody vomit or stools

Typhoid Fever
Typhoid is a bacterial infection that can turn into a life-threatening illness if not properly treated. It is caused by a bacterium known as Salmonella typhi. The reaction of the body to this bacterial infiltration is a high fever and other symptoms. The prescribed treatment for typhoid is antibiotics.

● High fever- 103-104°F (39-40°C)
● Weakness
● Stomach pains
● Headache
● Loss of appetite
● Flat, spotty rash

Dengue Fever
Dengue fever is a serious viral infection that is spread by mosquitoes (specifically by a species named Aedes aegypti). It can turn deadly if complications arise such as dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.

● High temperature within one week of getting infected
● Joint and muscle pain
● Loss in appetite
● Abdominal pain
● Nausea and vomiting
● Severe headache
Advanced Stages
● Purple bruises
● Bleeding gums and/or nose
● Liver issues
● Heart problems
● Severe bleeding
● Extremely low blood pressure
● Coma
● Death

Rheumatic Fever
Rheumatic fever is anti-inflammatory disease. It usually occurs if streptococcus bacterial infections (such as strep throat or scarlet fever) are not adequately treated. Children of ages 5-15 years are most vulnerable to this disease.

● Abdominal pain
● Fever
● Muscle weakness
● Ring-like or thin snake shaped skin rash
● Nosebleeds
● Heart problems – characterized by shortness of breath and chest discomfort
● Joint issues – pain, swelling, redness or warmth