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Summer Dangers to Dodge (Part 2)

For most, summer is the most enjoyable time of the year, but it also harbors its own unique dangers that can ruin any good time, or turn out much worse. Taking precautions is imperative when it comes to enjoying a safe, fun summer. In Summer Dangers to Dodge (Part 1) we looked at ocean safety, sun safety and preventing heatstroke. This time we wanted to take a look at insects, child safety and safe adventuring.

Fight The Bites

Aside from general discomfort, insect bites can pose a host of medical risks including disease transmission or severe allergic reaction. Some things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones against the dangers of those creepy crawlie hazards include:

  1. Check the news for word on local outbreaks of certain mosquito transmitted illnesses in your area or where you intend to travel. Is a Zika outbreak happening? If so, take extra precautions to avoid mosquito bites such as wearing protective clothing, using repellent and spending time in air conditioned areas during peak heat.
  2. Check yourself and your children for ticks and chiggers regularly. Ticks can spread such diseases as Lyme disease which can be chronic if left undiagnosed and untreated. Prompt removal of ticks and showering after being in wooded areas can reduce the chances of tick infection.
  3. Carry necessary emergency meds – if you know you have an allergy to bug bites or bee stings, be sure to carry an Epipen auto-injector everywhere you go. If you are only mildly allergic or sensitive to bites, keep antihistamines and allergy cream in your carry bag or in your car.
  4. Use bed-nets in highly infectious areas, they are best pretreated with insecticide.
  5. Repel bugs – If you want extra protection aside from insect repellant, try treating your clothing with permethrin to ensure the mosquitoes stay away.

Don’t Forget Your Kit

If you’re heading out for a summer hike or adventure, be sure to pack emergency essentials. You can purchase mini first aid kits for $5-10 that can really save your hide in a pinch. If you get a nasty wound it is important to be able to properly clean it until you can be seen by a doctor. Other essentials to pack in your backpack are sunscreen, plenty of clean drinking water, emergency snacks in case you get temporarily stranded, fly repellent, extra clothing for temperature changes, sunglasses and any daily medications as well as some OTC pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil in case they should be needed.

Keep a Watchful Eye Out

Unfortunately, accidental playground-related incidents send over 200,000 children to the ER every year, many of which take place during summer months. According to the CDC, nearly 45% of playground accidents result in severe injuries such as concussions or fractures. Obviously you can’t prevent all accidents or watch your children around the clock, but stressing to them the importance of playing safe is a good step in the right direction. Keep an extra eye on small children swimming and playing in water as even an inch of water could pose a drowning risk for small children.

Well there you have it! Some summer dangers to dodge in order to safely enjoy the season. Thanks for visiting DocChat, if you have any questions or concerns about seasonal health issues feel free to sign up today for a video consultation with one of our highly qualified physicians! We hope you’ll check back soon!