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20 Summer Exercise Ideas

Warm weather is finally catching up to us! If you’re at a loss for exciting fun-in-the-sun exercise ideas, check out these:

  1. Hit the courts – basketball is an excellent way to burn calories and have fun. If you don’t know how to play, join a local beginners league or get a friend or family member to teach you. Even just practicing free-throws and shooting games alone is a fun way to workout.
  2. Start a ball hockey league – get some neighbours and local friends involved in ball hockey and play a couple evenings a week on a quiet street or local sport court.
  3. Dust off your old bike or roller blades. Biking can burn up to 600 calories an hour!
  4. Take up gardening or landscaping. Learning to tend to your own property can help you enhance your home’s curbside appeal while also helping you burn off calories.
  5. Assist in Some Renos – renovations are extremely hard work, from going up and down a ladder 20 times to walking back and forth between the shed and your home, you’ll be sweating off those calories in no time while learning valuable skills.
  6. Water sports can be a fun way to cool off and tone up in the summer. If you have a friend or family member with a boat, learn to waterski. You can chip in on the skis and make it a weekly endeavour.
  7. Join a local softball league – get some exercise and comradery by playing softball.
  8. Set up a designated Yoga Area in your backyard and do it everyday. This would work for Pilates or Tai Chi as well.
  9. Coordinate your own outdoor exercise class or boot camp with friends.
  10. Learn to kayak to really tone those upper body muscles while you take in serene beauty of a lake or ocean. You can burn over 300 calories an hour
  11. Invest in an “adult jungle Jim” or trampoline in your backyard. You can participate in your own makeshift gymnastics on your own property (just be sure to do so safely, learn the proper techniques first).
  12. Get a step counter (pedometer) and get to steppin’. Gradually increase your daily step count goals to push yourself that extra little bit.
  13. Schedule a weekly adventure with a friend or your family. Find great hiking spots around your community that have beautiful views.
  14. Go snorkeling or learn to scuba dive.
  15. Take up tennis. Tennis is the perfect summer sport. You get to exercise, socialize and breathe in that fresh summer air.
  16. Try an extreme outdoor sport like zip lining (you have to hike between lines) or rock climbing to get some exercise and some thrills.
  17. Get a walking buddy and choose three evenings a week to routinely walk around town.
  18. Swim as frequently as you can in the nearest body of water – salt water is an especially good choice for your immune system and skin.
  19. Join an Ultimate Frisbee league.
  20. Set up a horseshoe court in your backyard and invite friends over to play a few times a week. Burn a few calories while you enjoy a leisurely game with friends.

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