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6 Great Types of Prenatal Exercise

It is important to stay active while pregnant, as it can help the health of both yourself and your baby, and can better prepare and condition your body for labor. If you haven’t caught our last article on how to exercise safely while pregnant, you can check it out here. Now for some of our favorite prenatal fitness picks:

  1. Prenatal Yoga 

    Is a great prenatal exercise choice as it is specially formulated to suit the pregnant body and can easily adapted for different health situations or during different trimesters. Yoga can help with relaxation, deep breathing and flexibility while simultaneously strengthening many of your muscle groups.

  2. Walking 

    Walking is perhaps the safest and most convenient workout on the list, as you can safely go for walks until your due date and you can do so anywhere, no expensive gym membership needed! Just be careful not to walk or hike on rocky terrain or walk in slippery conditions, as a fall can have tragic consequences during pregnancy.

  3. Swimming  

    Swimming is perhaps one of the best exercises for pregnant women as the water reduces impact on your lower body joints and increases resistance to help you work up a light sweat. You will feel light and comfortable while swimming, as it will take a load off your feet and knees.

  4. Resistance Band Exercises

    Resistance band exercises are excellent prenatal fitness choices as they are not high impact or dangerous and can be modified to suit each trimester. Resistance band exercises can target virtually any muscle group.

  5. Light Aerobics  

    There are various types of aerobic exercises that should be safe throughout a pregnancy, including treadmill or elliptical use, stepping stool aerobics or special aerobics classes that have been designed and choreographed with pregnancy in mind.

  6. Stationary Cycling  

    This one may be case-dependent. If you are still comfortable on a bike and love cycling, try taking it indoors while pregnant so you don’t risk an accident that could hurt you or the baby. Indoor cycling is great aerobic exercise and is safe as long as it is comfortable and you get your doctor’s approval!

It so important that you listen to your body when exercising while pregnant. If you begin spotting (bleeding) or feel dizzy or have chest pain, be sure to stop immediately and seek medical attention. Thanks for visiting DocChat!