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Healthy Ways to Boost Your Energy

7 Naturally Energy-Boosting Foods

You’ll notice a common thread with all the following natural energy boosters: B vitamins, which are water soluble vitamins that convert carbs, fat and protein into energy (or fuel) for the body to use. Here are some foods rich in B Vitamins:

  1. Almonds contain metabolism-boosting magnesium, as well as plenty of  (you guessed it) B vitamins for energy. So get snacking on ¼ a cup of almonds when you feel that afternoon lag starting to come on.
  1. Legumes such as beans and lentils are nutritional powerhouses. They have plenty of B vitamins particularly B6, energy-helping iron, folate and fibre. A bean salad or some hummus for lunch will surely perk you up!
  2. Bananas are loaded with potassium, B vitamins and fibre to help your body gain some delicious natural energy.
  1. Asparagus – is high in vitamins of the B variety, which promote healthy energy by turning food into the fuel your body needs. Add asparagus to your plate in the afternoon to get a much-needed burst of natural energy to get you through the work day.
  1. Oranges contain all kinds of vitamins (particularly vitamin C), folate and fibre. Oranges are a great fruit choice for a burst of pure and simple natural energy.
  1. Brown rice boasts quite the vitamin and mineral resume; it is rich in vitamin B6, magnesium and manganese, which also helps produce energy from carbohydrates and protein. Brown rice also contains selenium, a mineral that has been linked to cancer prevention.

Other Lifestyle Tips Up Your Energy

  • Don’t skip breakfast – it really is an important meal. A good breakfast can keep you going strong until the next meal. Catch our article on the importance of this morning meal here.
  • Don’t skip any meals for that matter! Furthermore, eating several smaller healthy meals throughout the day can give you more energy than 3 large ones, especially if you’re working in the above foods!
  • Starchy foods (aka the ‘good’ carbs) such as whole grain toast, healthy cereals or whole grain pastas in healthy doses can replenish your energy levels as well.
  • Hydrating helps keep you alert and energetic, especially during activity. Try some lemon water for an extra energetic zing spring-loaded with vitamins.
  • Exercise regularly – activity invigorates!
  • Quit pulling all-nighters! Aim to get your 7-8 hours of sleep nightly, your body will thank you and you’ll be ready to run circles around life.
  • Avoid foods that contain refined sugar, as it will make you sluggish and slow when the temporary ‘sugar high’ wears off.

That’s it for our natural energy boosting tips, we hope they help! Thanks for visiting DocChat!