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20 Mini Health Goals

We can all improve in some areas of life and sometimes it only takes little tweaks to do so. Not all of these will apply to everyone, but if even if you pick out a few to work on, you’ll already be a little closer to better health.

For Your Mental Health

  • Work on your mind as much as you work on your body – research has linked active minds (puzzles, games, reading for pleasure) to Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention.
  • Give a laugh to someone who needs it – making others giggle can lift your spirits as well, laughing is contagious and you’ll feel good for helping perk someone up.
  • Defy Complacency – Give yourself a new kind of challenge. Add to your hobbies, learn a new language or start a new course or a new community activity.
  • Change Your Inner Conversation:
    A) if you tend to be self centered, try to be more self aware and see how your behaviour impacts others.
    B) If you tend to self-depreciate, be kinder to yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others as this can chip away at self esteem. Focus on building yourself up.
  • Set a daily limit on technology in your household – try to use this time to enjoy different types of activities with others
  • Try to curb your worries and replace them with more hopeful inner dialogue. Studies show that actively replacing negative thoughts with positive ones can have all kinds of benefits.

For Your Physical Health

  • If you are carrying it, lose that extra 10 pounds sooner rather than later – your health will surely thank you. Extra weight negatively impacts such existing illnesses as: gastrointestinal esophageal reflux disorder (GERD), asthma and arthritis to name a few. Obesity is directly linked to heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.
  • Do little bursts of jumping jacks or sit ups during the commercials.
  • Rest when your body is begging you to. When possible, try not to push on through clear signals that you need to rest such as unusual fatigue or headaches.
  • Hydrate more and add more fibre to your diet.
  • The verdict is still out on cell phones increasing cancer risks but if you are concerned, limit using your cellphone close to your face. Instead, try using the speaker function.
  • Try a different fruit or veggie every week. Who knows, you may find several new favourites!
  • If you suspect you drink too much, start to cut it down for your health. Check out our article on Binge Drinking to read about moderate versus dangerous drinking.
  • Try to buy fresh ingredients and cook healthy everyday – nutritious meals can be just as quick as unhealthy ones.

For Your Emotional Health

  • Allow yourself to do what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Did you always want to take up guitar? Do it. Make the time instead of waiting to find the time that may never show up.
  • If you’re not happy with your life story, change the narrative. Go back to school if you dislike your job, make greater efforts in the romance department if you’re not happy with your love life. It is easier said than done, but you’re the only one capable of making those changes.
  • Show others appreciation – tell them or show them with a gesture of love such as a homemade card.
  • Push yourself to diversify your socializing. Add a new friend into the mix, go out a little more, let more people into your world.
  • Evaluate your relationships – work on those that need saving, and allow yourself to close the book on those that cannot be saved.
  • Hug a pet or someone close to you everyday. Enjoyable physical contact releases ‘feel good’ hormones and can literally lift your mood.

We hope you enjoyed our mini health goals! Thanks for visiting DocChat, we hope to see you again soon!