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10 Ways Telemedicine Can Revolutionize Nursing Home Care

  1. Cut Medicaid costs – currently the CMS is spending millions and millions of wasted dollars on readmission and extended hospital stays of nursing home patients which could be more comfortably and affordably handled with in-house telemedicine care in place. Readmission rates drive up the costs of Medicaid for patient, hospital and facility.
  2. Less Hospital Congestion – DocChat serves as an excellent triage system for nursing home patients. Via video conferences, our first rate physicians can determine if the patient needs to go to the hospital or if their care can be handled by telemedicine monitoring. This will lead to less patients sent to the ER, which can largely decrease hospital congestion which is a big problem countrywide.
  3. Decreased germ exposure – germs of a hospital environment are not only dangerous to the elderly but can be downright deadly, as senior citizens fall under the immunocompromised category of the population.
  4. Less wasted resources – With less unnecessary trips to the hospital, nursing homes can save on staff resources (less staff will have to accompany residents to the hospital if they receive their care via telemedicine), as well as saving on hospitalization costs and travel costs associated with transporting the patient to and fro.
  5. Comfort and safety of residents – Telemedicine allows the elderly residents to receive up to 78% of their care in the comfort and safety of their own room. Talk about convenience and piece of mind!
  6. Round the clock care – DocChat offers 24/7 care, 365 days a year. This allows residents to contact one of our board certified physicians any time day or night, whenever the troubling symptoms strike.
  7. Provides better follow-up care – Patients can speak with their attending doctor as much as they wish for up to a week after their initial video consultation. This can be a great feature for senior citizens in case they forgot a question during the consultation, or if any complications arise after speaking with the doctor.
  8. Handles prescription adjustments – DocChat can easily adjust prescriptions as needed as well as prescribe (non opiate) medications if needed and have them sent directly to the patient’s facility.
  9. Eliminates wait-times – The citizens won’t have to wait in germy ER waiting rooms when it comes to telemedicine, appointments are virtually instantaneous. Cutting down on wait times is a big convenience for elderly people, as it can be very uncomfortable for them to wait in clinics to receive their care.
  10. Proven success – DocChat in particular got its start working with senior citizens in nursing homes, and have had a positive impact on the quality and availability of care at the centers we work with.

You can visit DocChat for more information about our involvement with nursing homes. Thanks for visiting DocChat! We hope you’ll be back again soon.

5 Reasons for Older Americans To Try Telemedicine

Telemedicine can both protect and empower the elderly. While many people think that older Americans are uncomfortable with technology, more and more older people are getting the hang of smartphones and tablets. Despite some of the obstacles technology poses for them, there are many good reasons for elderly Americans to consider making the transition from brick-and-mortar medicine to telemedicine:

  1. More Time With The Doctor

No one likes to feel rushed, but it can be especially taxing for a 75-year-old person who has plenty of ailments to bring to the doctor’s attention, but only gets a chance to get one or two out before being rushed back out the door. This can be downright dangerous for the elderly, as health problems can be more serious if they aren’t addressed and may to unnecessary discomfort or a troublesome trip to the emergency room. Not to mention, many elderly citizens suffer chronic pain, so it can be difficult to get ready and go out, wait around a doctor’s office only to be rushed. Here at DocChat, there is no time cap on consultations. You can speak with the doctor for as long as you need to, and there is unlimited follow up for a week.

  1. Less Risk Of Germ Exposure

Thousands of people contract infections, viruses, colds, and other harmful illnesses from clinics and hospitals, leaving the doctor’s office sicker than when they entered. This can be especially dangerous for older people, as many fit under the immunocompromised category of the population that is at higher risk of contracting illness. They also may not be able to easily surmount colds or infections, so the less exposure to harmful germs, the better. Yet another reason it could be to an older American’s advantage to receive their healthcare from the comfort and safety of their home.

  1. Better Follow-up And Condition Management

Telemedicine has proven to be an excellent method of helping people manage their chronic conditions. Diseases like arthritis, COPD, asthma, psoriasis, or even stroke and heart attack aftercare can be well managed via telemedicine. A digital platform enables the patient to connect with a doctor at the precise moment their condition is flaring up so the doctor can see via photos and video just how the condition has progressed. Just think of how many times your condition has flared up, but you couldn’t get in to see the doctor at that exact moment? DocChat is there anytime, day or night, year round to help with chronic condition management.

  1. Less Risk Of Falls Or Accidents

Traveling to appointments can be troublesome for anyone, let alone if you are elderly and suffering a mobility-restricting condition such as arthritis. It can be quite a hassle to get ready, arrange transport, wait around a clinic (possibly while you are in pain or discomfort), then make the trek to the pharmacy and back home again. You may be risking a bad fall, especially if weather conditions aren’t ideal. If you can access most of your care from the safety of your home, a doctor’s appointment wouldn’t have to result in two days of subsequent recovery!

  1. Convenience

DocChat can send any necessary prescriptions to your local pharmacy, even arranging delivery. This is yet another convenience of utilizing telemedicine for the majority of your healthcare if you are an older American. Not only will you be avoiding germy clinics, wait times, travel, rushed appointments and the risk of falling, but you can even get your medication delivered! So visit DocChat today to register and start your first telemedicine consult with one of our board certified, highly qualified DocChat physicians.