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10 Simple Ways to Exercise Around The House

  1. Deep sweep – Do lunges the length of your house while vacuuming or sweeping. Lunges help define the muscles in your buttocks and legs while strengthening your core.
  2. Double your stair duty – Every time you have to go up or down the stairs, go up and down another time or two good measure. Climbing stairs is good cardiovascular exercise and also helps strengthen the lungs.
  3. Sudsy Fitness – Try some stretches, a yoga pose or leg raises while you do the dishes. You can also try quad stretches, holding your foot behind you while balancing on one leg.
  4. Take the long road – Store things in a place of the house such as the basement or outside in a garage to require you to go up and down stairs or walk more every time you need something.
  5. Bounce n’ fold – Bounce or try hold your core still on an exercise ball while you fold laundry. Fitness balls exercises can help strengthen your core, work your abs and help with balance.
  6. Supper marathon – Lightly jog in place or do intermittent squats while you are making supper. Jogging gets your heart rate up, really working that ticker.
  7. Heavy stroll – Pace the length of your house a 4-5 times holding two 5 pound weights, or go up and down stairs with the weights. Light weight lifting can help you increase muscle mass while reducing fat.
  8. Just dance! Dancing is an amazing workout for your heart, lungs, core and lower body muscles especially. You can’t go wrong turning on your favorite playlist for a boogie. It is also good for your mood – getting those endorphins dancing too.
  9. Mini workouts – Do crunches or jumping jacks during every commercial break while you watch TV. Even working out in small intervals adds up throughout the day.
  10. Use your stairs as a gym! You don’t need to invest in a gym membership to gain a rocking, healthy body – try step exercise reps on the stairs a couple times a day.

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