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Connecting The Dots – Telemedicine As A Diagnostic Tool

It can be terrifying to get a new diagnosis, or just as scary not to be able to find the right diagnosis. It can often help to seek a ‘second opinion’ or another point of view on your health situation so as to gain some perspective and direction. Telemedicine can be the perfect avenue to seek a secondary perspective on your health situation.

Don’t Risk A Misdiagnosis

A shocking 12 million people are misdiagnosed annually in the United States. This is not a comfortable statistic. It is your right as a patient to seek alternative perspectives on your health if you choose to, and it could very well save you a lot of grief and misfortune.

Puzzling Conditions

Some of the most misdiagnosed and undiagnosed conditions fall into the autoimmune category. There are more than 80 autoimmune diseases, and many of them mask themselves in the body, creating strange unpleasant symptoms and going in and out of remission which makes them difficult for doctors to test, catch and diagnose. Lupus, for example can take a decade to fully diagnose as it mimics other conditions and the symptoms come and go. That is a long time suffering without answers. Often, by the time it is diagnosed it is quite pervasive and could probably have been curtailed if the person had gone on the proper treatment years earlier.

Telemedicine To Help Connect The Dots

If a person has been back and forth to the same one or two doctors trying to gain consensus on a tricky condition, it can be helpful to get another objective opinion. Telemedicine is the perfect platform for this, especially if you live in an area with limited resources because it provides an eagle eye view of all the clues. A telemedicine doctor usually has years of experience under his or her belt and can take into account photos, past and present blood test results, symptoms, comorbid conditions, medications and so on. This fresh perspective with access to all the information may very well be the missing link in figuring out an underlying condition.

Take Action!

All in all, it can’t hurt to get a broader perspective on your health, especially if you have a condition that is puzzling your current doctors. Maybe a video consultation will change your life for the better and get you on the right track to the right treatments. If you want a fresh pair of eyes looking at your health situation, feel free to sign up to DocChat today to try a video consultation with one of our highly skilled certified physicians. Thanks for visiting! We hope you’ll come again soon.