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DocChat Values Privacy To The Utmost Degree

DocChat’s sensitive information security is unsurpassed. We use government-standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) block cipher to transfer and store the data from your videoconference, combined with Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA2) encryption to protect transactions. AES – 256bit encryption has proven to be unbreakable, leading the industry in information security.

The protection doesn’t stop there. Your information is stored in a highly encrypted format, and then sent through a secure channel that uses Secure Sockets Layer SHA-2 encryption to our host provider who adds yet another layer of encryption. DocChat also complies with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy laws.

When it comes to payment, we use Stripe, one of the safest and most reliable payment services available. Stripe is ranked level 1 through Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the best in privacy and security.

In plain English, DocChat treats your personal information with the utmost caution and care. You can chat freely with our doctors via video conference or secure chat without worrying about anyone eavesdropping or getting a hold of your health details. Not all telemedicine companies are as stringent about security, but here at DocChat we know just how important your information and privacy is.

So you can sign up today for a secure, fulfilling video conference with one of our highly qualified, board certified DocChat physicians knowing your medical information is more than safe in our hands. Thanks for visiting!