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Can Strengthening the Cooper’s Ligaments Help Lift Your Bust?

Gravity can be cruel to our bodies. If you’re concerned with strengthening and lifting your chest, breast lifting surgery may be the only method that works 100%, but we’ve found a short exercise regimen that can certainly help!

How Do Breasts Sag?

There are sets of ligaments that run vertically along your collar bone down your chest called Cooper’s ligaments that act as “natural bra straps”. These ligament groups become stretched over time, causing breasts to drop. These changes are natural processes of aging, however, sometimes women undergo rapid changes if they lose or gain a lot of weight quickly or post-pregnancy.

Can Gravity’s Effects Be Reversed?

While strengthening exercises certainly won’t make drastic changes, they can help firm, tone and lift the chest area. A female personal trainer with 20 years’ experience developed a short exercise regimen to target the Cooper’s ligaments, you can find her video here.

Perking Those Pecks

As the breasts themselves are made up of fatty tissue over the pectoral muscles, it is also possible to help better naturally support them by working out the muscles surrounding the breasts, most notably underneath. When those muscles are weak, it can help encourage sagging.

All in all, we should aim to be body confident, however there is nothing wrong with working to sculpt or improve your body as regular exercise is directly linked to lowering the risk of many diseases, including the ever-growing prevalence of obesity. Thanks for visiting DocChat! We hope these exercises help!