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9 Neat Facts About Your Circulatory System

We’ve been taking a look at the inner workings of the body’s vital organs and systems, and while we looked at facts about the human heart, we wanted to delve deeper into the circulatory system next:

  1. Your blood vessels, if laid end to end, could wrap around the earth twice.
  2. There are over 5 million cells in just one drop of your blood!
  3. Tight squeeze – red blood cells must travel single file style because they are nearly as large as the capillaries they roam through!
  4. The average human has about 75 heartbeats a minute.
  5. Bradycardia is a condition whereby the heart beats much slower than average (it could potentially be dangerous).
  6. Tachycardia is the opposite condition whereby the heartrate is consistently elevated to around or above 100 beats per minute.
  7. It takes about 20 seconds for blood to complete a circulation around the body.
  8. Red blood cells make about 250,000 trips around the body before they die.
  9. Human blood has no color until hemoglobin does its thing.

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