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6 Tips to Lower Your Risk of Developing Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death among both men and women. It is estimated that 158,080 Americans will die of lung cancer in 2016 alone. Because of its alarming numbers, it is important that people are aware of the dangers and potential causes of lung cancer.

Can Lung Cancer Be Prevented?

The majority of lung cancer cases can be prevented by avoiding smoke or second-hand smoke, but sometimes it happens in people with no risk factors for the disease. As with any type of cancer, there is no sure-fire way of prevention but you can do things to lower your risk of developing it such as:

  1. Don’t smoke, stop smoking and avoid second-hand smoke! Being that smoke damage in the lungs is the leading cause of lung cancer, it stands to reason that if you are worried about developing it you should avoid cigarette and cigar smoke at all costs. Among the thousands of chemicals present, there are approximately 70 known carcinogens in cigarette smoke.
  2. Avoid radon exposure – Make sure you have a working radon detector in your home so you can measure the levels in your home and get it treated if the levels are too high. If not it could have deadly consequences.
  3. Try to limit pollution – Diesel fumes and other pollutants can take their toll on your lungs over time as well. If you are concerned about pollution, you can wear special (and fashionable) masks if you have to walk frequently in the city.
  4. Avoid breathing in known carcinogenic substances – The American Cancer Society cites asbestos, uranium and coal products as carcinogenic substances. There are many others as well.
  5. Early screening – if you are a smoker or have a family history of lung (or other) cancer, talk to your doctor today about early screening. Cases that are caught in the early stages have much better prognoses.
  6. Lead a healthy overall lifestyle – as with any type of disease prevention, maintaining a healthy diet rich in fruits and veggies and low in saturated and animal fats is important, as is being regularly physically active so as to keep your body in tiptop shape and help better fight off disease.

There you have some key tips for lowering your risk of developing lung cancer, keep an eye out for symptoms and comorbid syndromes associated with lung cancer in our next post. Our board-certified physicians are standing by 24/7/365 to assist you with your health. Keep an eye out for our post on Thanks for visiting DocChat!