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Telemedicine for Common and Chronic Condition Management

eHealth or Online Healthcare

Telemedicine is Taking Off

Telemedicine is advancing at an impressive rate, and is expected to further skyrocket over the course of 2016. Foley and Lardner LLP says of the field, “Telemedicine is a key component in the health care industry shift to value-based care as a way to generate additional revenue, cut costs and enhance patient satisfaction.” Telemedicine could help cut down on exposure to germs while waiting around in a hospital or clinic to be seen, as well as eliminate wait and travel times. The convenience offered by telemedicine companies such as DocChat is another big plus, especially if you are busy, immobile or not feeling well enough to venture out.

Common Ailments Treated by Telemedicine

According to the AMA, 78% of doctor’s visits can be handled via telemedicine. Some of the many common non-emergency ailments telemedicine can treat include:

  • Colds and flus
  • Urinary tract and yeast infections
  • Fever
  • Stomach flus, diarrhea or constipation
  • Bronchial, upper respiratory and ear infections
  • Insect bites and unknown rashes
  • Sore or strep throat
  • Conjunctivitis and similar bacterial infections
  • Headaches
  • Temporary joint aches

Telemedicine as Part of Chronic Condition Management

Telemedicine is not only ideal for immediate infections and passing health concerns, but can also be an excellent resource for the management of many chronic diseases and conditions. Here at DocChat we follow up with patients after their appointments, and the same doctor can be seen again upon patient request. We can also correlate specialist appointments via video conferences for chronically ill patients who need rheumatology, dermatology, cardiology or other types of specialized advice about their conditions. Telemedicine can be an excellent resource for those who have debilitating conditions such as severe arthritis, and can’t easily make it to the doctor’s office.

Chronic Ailments That can be Managed by Telemedicine

A few of the many chronic illnesses and diseases that can be aided via telemedicine include:

  • Arthritis – telemedicine physicians can help advise patients on how to better manage their pain and inflammation, if they should adjust their medications or when it may be time to connect with a specialist
  • Asthma – this can be a scary illness which sometimes requires immediate advice at any hour of the day. DocChat physicians are available 24/7 to assist asthmatics in determining whether a hospital trip is necessary, or if their situation can be handled at home with certain medications
  • Allergies – telemedicine can help keep allergies under control by providing chronic and seasonal allergies sufferers with the recurrent advice they may need when it comes to adjusting antihistamines, changing nasal sprays or if it may be time to take Benadryl for a few days
  • Acne (and other chronic skin conditions) – acne can be a very uncomfortable and annoying condition which may require several maintenance appointments to find the right medications and check on progress. Telemedicine is the perfect platform for this, as doctors can see the patient’s face over the screen and can tell if the condition is worsening or controlled
  • IBS – telemedicine can help those suffering from chronic stomach conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome keep their symptoms under control by providing advice and medications as needed

Try it to Believe it

The above listed are just drops in the bucket of conditions that can be treated and maintained by telemedicine. Contrary to the belief that telemedicine is mainly for those who live in rural areas or are immobile, it can actually benefit anyone and everyone. Imagine if getting your condition treated was as easy as a few clicks of your mouse? Well it is. So signup to try DocChat today, and start on your convenient path to a healthier you.