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Film X-ray show complete fracture middle 1/3 left clavicle

How to Heal a Fractured Bone

Bone fractures are mainly caused by injury resulting from an accident that might include a fall, a blow, or a sports injury. These accidents exert a force on bones that can then result into cracking or breaking the bone.

People expect to recuperate from bone fractures quickly. However, they should know that the healing process takes time and should not be interrupted by excessive activity, otherwise it may grow worse.

To help you heal from broken bones relatively quickly, we will state a few measures that should be taken by the individuals suffering from bone fractures.
High calcium intake: Since calcium consists of the major mineral in bones, it should be included in your everyday diet in order to provide your bones with the necessary minerals to heal. Foods such as leafy greens, seafood, and most dairy products contain high calcium. You should consider taking it in a natural way; take supplements only when necessary.

Protein monitoring: Protein helps the body to build up tissue level. When bones are fractured, our tissues are also affected and need rebuilding. About 4 to 5 oz. per meal of protein is recommended by doctors. Some of the best sources of protein are: eggs, fish and meat.

Enough mineral consumption: There are other minerals that are deficient in our body and need to be increased in order to heal the bones. Theses minerals include, zinc, copper, silicon etc. Again, the best source is to consume foods that are rich in these minerals, but supplements may also be used.

Monitor your vitamin intake: Similar to minerals, there are some vitamins that help with the healing process. Getting your vitamin levels examined by the doctor is a good course of action in case there is a deficiency and you need to remedy it. Vitamin D is important for the growth of bones and can be found in fish (tuna, salmon and mackerel), cheese, fish liver oil, and egg yolks.

Herbal medicines: Though not many doctors favor the herbal remedies, some people find them to be really effective for healing bones. It is an alternative therapy of sorts and doesn’t have any side effects. However, before ingesting herbal remedies, be sure to have an expert’s guidance.

Stop smoking: It is a widely known and proved fact that patients who are habitual smokers take less than the average time in order to heal. This is because smoking reduces the blood flow to the bones which in turn isn’t able to carry the necessary nutrients to the bones.

Exercise and Physical Therapy: Although one is limited to a certain level of mobility when in the process of healing bones, there are certain exercises that can help to increase blood flow. This blood flow to the bones will help with quick healing.

All things considered, bone fractures should be taken seriously. Proper care and rest is required to allow them to heal. If you have any bone issues, we recommend you get yourself treated as quickly as possible. Telemedicine is a great option because you get the solution to your problems without having to move.