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Famous Personalities Who might Have Lived Longer If They Had Access to Telemedicine


The medical landscape is constantly evolving. Scientists and doctors are continually making developments to the treatment processes so that their patients have the best care. Telemedicine is the latest and biggest trend in the health industry which allows patients to access medical consultation and care from anywhere and everywhere. This is because medical experts are accessible on the internet through a video feed. Telemedicine, therefore, is of immense benefit to people who live in remote areas where they don’t have access to experienced doctors. Further, if a patient is in dire pain and cannot travel to make a face to face appointment with their doctor, telemedicine can be of ultimate convenience.

However, many famous personalities have suffered because of poor medical treatment. One cannot help but think, if they had access to clinical telemedicine, they might have lived to see another day. Let’s take a look at a few such personalities:


The famous political and military leader of France is known to have played a dominant role during the French Revolution. Months before his death, Napoleon’s health had been rapidly deteriorating. When he died in 1821, his autopsy report indicated that he died of stomach cancer. However, it was not until a century later that the real cause of his death was found.

Based on the report by scientists who studied his hair, it was concluded that Napoleon died of arsenic poisoning. Whether it was deliberate poisoning or accidental intake of poisonous food is still unknown. The doctors who treated him were unable to assess the symptoms correctly and carried out a treatment plan which prevented his stomach to release the poisonous content.


Beethoven was a very famous and influential composer and pianist. Throughout the last years of his life, he had been experiencing a sudden decline in his health. His autopsy report showed that he died of liver failure which was because of high alcohol intake. However, he had been drinking heavily as a form of a self-medication for his various health problems. Though not diagnosed then, bipolar disorder is said to be the cause of his heavy drinking where he went from a depressed state of mind to a highly energetic man.

James A. Garfield

He was the 20th president of the United States. Though Garfield died from a gunshot wound, it was later revealed that he died because of poor medical treatment by his doctors. The doctors inserted their fingers in the affected area without sterilizing them and also punctured the late President’s liver while treating his gunshot wound. As a result, he suffered infection and most likely died from it.

Had telemedicine existed in these periods, these historical personalities might have had access to a better and high quality treatment. They could have consulted from various doctors from all over the world through video streaming which would have resulted into a timely diagnosis of their illness and a much better treatment procedure.