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6 Ways to Exercise on the Beach

The beach is a beautiful spot to set up your towel and spend the day, but did you ever think of fitting in your daily exercise there? What better way to exercise than on a soothing, beautiful beach, with the ocean in view? We do want want to mention the importance of practicing caution such as applying plenty of broad spectrum sunscreen as well as being careful not to roll an ankle on the sand. With that in mind, check out our little list of fun exercises to try at the beach:

  1. Yoga – yoga is arguably one of the best exercises around – it helps strengthen your muscles, core, improves balance and flexibility and can be modified for nearly any level of activity or physical restriction. Yoga outside in the beautiful sun on the sand can drastically increase its meditative, calming effect on the mind and body. Be careful not to slip on the sand while posing.
  2. Beach volley ball – want to get that heart pumping while having fun in the sun with friends? Try a friendly game of beach volleyball! Be sure to wear supportive footwear if possible, and be careful because the sand creates uneven terrain, but other than that have at it! There are usually volleyball nets or courts set up on most popular beaches, but if not it is easy enough to do. Just purchase and bring a net and a volleyball, as well as enough buddies to fill both sides of the court, and have fun.
  3. Sand lungesThese can be quite laborious on the sand, adding even more resistance to the exercise. Begin your lunges just as you would do them on solid ground, bringing your back knee all the way down to touch the sand before beginning the next. Ensure you have proper form by aligning your knee with your ankle to reduce risk of injury. You can do this 20 times, then do some walking or light jogging before you start lunging again.
  4. Frisbee – another social way to exercise on the beach. Frisbee or ultimate Frisbee will get you sprinting, dodging and jumping all around which will give your heart a nice run for its money. The great thing about this beach sport is that you can do it with one friend or a group of them!
  5. Sand sprinting – running on the sand can help you burn more calories because of the resistance it provides. Another perk to sand running it that the sand absorbs more shock when your foot hits the ground than on pavement, so it is easier on the joints if you’re wearing the proper footwear.
  6. Wave jumping – another playful exercise you can do on the beach is ‘wave jumping’, which is essentially exactly what it sounds like. Wading into the water just below your knees, try jumping over every wave that comes in until you are tired. You can make a little game of it, counting how many you get in a row and working to break your own record!

So why not make your day at the beach an active one? We hope you enjoy these little beach exercises! Thanks for visiting DocChat! Stay happy and healthy!