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11 Activities For The Mobility Impaired

Sticking to regular exercise can be challenging for anyone, let alone those with barriers like mobility impairments, chronic pain, restrictively obesity or being wheelchair bound. Luckily being mobility restricted doesn’t have to mean no exercise. You can still lead a fulfilling active lifestyle by adapting your exercise regimen to best suit your needs.

Exercises for Joint Pain Sufferers

  1. Water aerobics – is one of the best exercises for anyone with limited mobility and can be especially beneficial for those with joint pain because water negates effects of gravity which greatly alleviates pressure on the joints.
  2. Walking – is an excellent and versatile low-impact workout for those suffering with chronic joint or back pain. You can go at your own pace, walk with a buddy or alone, listen to music, and walk inside or outdoors.
  3. Yoga – can be especially beneficial for people with joint problems as it can help increase flexibility and build and tone muscles. The benefits of stretching have been widely acknowledged for chronic pain sufferers and the elderly.
  4. Rowing Machines – are relatively easy on the joints because of the fluid motion. If you have trouble with your lower body joints, you can focus on working out your upper body with these machines.
  5. Ballroom Dancing – is a gentle, graceful workout that is easy on faulty joints so grab a partner and start 1-2 stepping today!
  6. Golf – is another gentle sport. It can help tone the arm and oblique muscles, and if you walk between holes it adds another level of low impact exercise to the day. Be sure to adequately block-up to avoid skin damage from the sun!
  7. Balance Ball Exercises – can be beneficial for those with joint pain, as you can use the ball in whatever way best suits your needs. Do exercises like sit-ups on top of the ball, gently bounce to strengthen your core (be careful of the knees), lie on the floor and use your legs to lift the ball, or you can do arm exercises by raising the ball over your head (this works best with weighted balls).

Exercises for Handicapped People and the Restrictively Obese

  1. Chair Exercises – are a popular method of exercise among the wheelchair bound or restrictively obese as you can gently tone the upper body using weights and other aerobic motions. There are many free instructional videos online to help you get started.
  2. Alternative Workout Machines – Workout machines such as the arm cycle that can be set up on a table and used to tone and strengthen the upper body and to achieve good cardiovascular exercise.
  3. Resistance and weight training – doing arm curls and raises with weights of various sizes is another excellent way to exercise and build muscle while stationary. Resistance band training can help with mobility, muscle strength and flexibility.
  4. Water exercises – are ideal for people with disabilities that restrict or prohibit the use of their legs, as water creates gentle resistance against motion which can help strengthen any working muscles.
  5. Wheelchair Sports – There are leagues and teams for wheelchair basketball, volleyball and other popular sports in most any city, and if it doesn’t exist in your area – start one!

Thanks for visiting DocChat! We hope some of these ideas helped spark some exercise inspiration for those who have been struggling to find the right activity for their needs!