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Allergy Ingredient Substitutions

Do you love baked goods like cereal or chocolate but have a nut allergy or are lactose intolerant? Well fortunately, in this world of options a multitude of dietary restrictions doesn’t mean you have to throw the kitchen towel in and give up! Some convenient substitutions by category are as follows:

Dairy Substitutes

Some people who are lactose intolerant find success with milk that has the lactose removed. Others are simply bothered by the cow’s milk itself or may have an actual dairy allergy, so here are some alternative options:

For those with nut allergies:

Soymilk. Soy has been the subject of controversy within the medical community, but it does have many benefits. Soymilk contain isoflavones, protein and beneficial vitamins and minerals. Some don’t like the taste but if you do, give it a try as a milk alternative.
Rice milk doesn’t pack quite as strong a nutritional punch as its soy contemporary, but it still does have its own merits. Rice milk doesn’t contain cholesterol like milk, and it is usually fortified with calcium, iron and vitamins b12, A and D.

For those without nut allergies:

Coconut milk contains many essential vitamins and minerals, and is a preferred choice for many people looking to avoid dairy.
Almond Milk is another favourite, it contains vitamins and minerals and is often fortified with more calcium and other nutritional components.

Egg Substitutes:             

  • Applesauce works as a great substitute when eggs are called for in baking recipes as the consistency is much the same as that of a raw egg.
  • Veggie Oil can also replace egg in a recipe. A couple tablespoons of canola or extra virgin olive oil can also replace egg in a recipe.

Nut Substitutes:

  • For snacking: Seeds – similarly to nuts, seeds contain fibre, antioxidants, omega-3 fats and many other health gems so it can’t hurt to munch on ¼ cup when you want a snack. Quinoa seeds are very nutritious and have a nutty taste which makes them a great nut substitute, but any seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds will do.
  • For baking: Wow butter is a nut-free ‘fake peanut butter’ which would work in recipes that call for nuts.

That concludes our look at ingredient substitutes for some of the major allergens. We’ve left gluten out on purpose – check out our post dedicated solely to gluten free options later today! Thanks for visiting DocChat, we hope to see you again soon.