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Tips For Happy, Healthy Aging

Americans have a longer lifespan than ever before however, chronic disease rates are through the roof. The centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated over 133 million American adults live with such chronic conditions as diabetes, arthritis or cardiovascular disease. It is important to shift the focus from “how can I live to an old age?” to “How can I live more comfortably and healthily in old age?”. So what are some things elderly people can do to better their quality of life?

  1. Exercise: many people believe as they age that they should give up exercise regimens and just take it easy. Research contradicts this, getting routine exercise is likely to ease the aging process. It can help with ailments such as arthritis, prevent bone loss, keep the heart healthy, keep the brain healthy, among many other benefits. This doesn’t have to mean crunching barbells at the gym, it could mean bike riding, swimming, power walking or yoga. It is never too late to start!
  2. Practice hobbies: It is important to continue doing the things you love as you age, if certain hobbies become difficult because of arthritis or another obstacle, find a new passion. Hobbies can add a spice to life that can help people of all ages, especially the elderly. If you love painting, set up a small studio space in your home and make sure you carve at least an hour a day out for your passion.
  3. Stretching: The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that older people should make stretching part of their daily routine. It can help increase flexibility and help with pain-related conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. Keeping the joints limber can help them from starting to seize and tense up over time.
  4. Being social: As we age it is important to maintain social connections and do social activities to stay happy and healthy. Keeping in touch with family members and old friends is a good idea as well as it can prevent isolation or depression which can only worsen quality of life and existing medical conditions in the elderly. If you are married, step out together a couple times a week with friends. If you are single, continue dating. Enjoying a bustling social life can add years to your life.
  5. Following a ‘Mediterranean’ style diet: Consisting of lots of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and healthy fats like those found in many fatty fishes, the Mediterranean diet has been linked to longevity and heart health.
  6. Staying positive: There have been various studies done on positive patients having much better health outcomes than negative patients. The bottom line of all the research so far suggests an optimistic outlook may get you much farther in life, and improve quality of life more than someone who grumbles on the regular.
  1. Regular screenings: Be sure to visit your doctor regularly and participate all the necessary screenings to ensure you are in good health and there is no new medical trouble brewing. This will help you detect conditions like cancer or heart issues before they become too serious. Too many people toss preventative healthcare aside and neglect regular checkups, this can have devastating results.

There you have it, a few of our favorite general healthy aging tips! Stay tuned for more on senior health in the future. For older adult exercise resources click here. Thanks for visiting DocChat! If you have any questions about your health, feel free to sign up and start a video consultation today with one of our highly qualified DocChat physicians!