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Overview: How Healthcare is Trending (Seven Part Series)

Written by S.O.

Posted on December 23, 2014 at 3:14 am

Why Telemedicine is changing the healthcare
landscape and redefining the meaning of a
Doctor’s “Office” visit.

By Steve Okhravi, MD, MBA, CPE

Dr. Okhravi’s deep credentials have made him the perfect candidate for creating and leading Emergency Medical Care facilities in NYC. This novel Urgent Care facility is dedicated to the NYC communities that EMC serves. In his professional CV you’ll find an uncanny blend of healthcare practice, process and work flow savvy, along with exceptional hospital, ER and business management skills. This convergence of skills formed EMCs best practices and stand-alone ER healthcare knowledge based on practical, progressive, efficient, and compassionate urgent care

I’ve organized a 7-part series of papers about why the Physician’s Office visit is taking on a new form and new venue. And, I’m confident that change will benefit all involved. Since the issues appeared universal, I fielded this idea locally, nationally and internationally. To my pleasant surprise, there is much commonality (and interest) on how to improve the healthcare dialog between physician and patient. And the resulting solution is somewhat technological, in nature. But, it is also very personal in practice.(A good thing!) I call it DocChat. It’s a platform rather that a product or service. Therein lies the universality of this fast growing trend in healthcare and a particular solution that I believe will generate great interest. The following is an outline for how this series of papers are organized. Your comments, likes and shares of the papers are most appreciated as we move towards a launch in early November for this exciting and provocative healthcare advocacy tool.

(Part 1,2) The DocChat Platform provides a universal solution.

(Part 3) Our resistance to change requires powerful disruptive technologies and well communicated presentations to motivate us to move forward and participate.

(Part 4) Technology helps us solve real world problems.

  • Blogs serve the purpose of growing discussions around new opportunities.
  • Blogs define the value of growing our knowledge base around options and possibilities available to us to improve our quality of life.
  • Streamlined solutions abound but they need to be socialized to gain awareness and acceptance.
  • Change is only good if we can imagine ourselves open to this new environment.

(Part 5) Media, Dialog and Communities provide environments where we can migrate towards new (and more accessible) wellness behavior.

(Part 6) The stories around healthcare are made richer when accessibility is streamlined:

  • A comprehendible solution is key to success;
  • Patient education benefits healthcare professionals as well;
  • Time spent productively is a universal win-win situation;
  • Collaboration, Conversation and Connections empower people everywhere;
  • In Community we Grow Strong, Self-Determined People;
  • Communities have Staying Power;
  • Momentum is optimizes by connectivity;

Collaboration, testimonials, shared success stories, and the propagation of best practices inspires development. This, in turn, prepares us for the growth healthcare. Shared success has universal appeal.

(Part 7) And finally…The DocChat Platform: A View from 35,000 feet. The collective movement will make this healthcare improvement happen.

This solution will speed the healthcare conversation anytime, anyplace the need arises. The goal remains to address:

1) Everyday common ailments and the migration to wellness management while

2) Conducting streamlined commerce around healthcare activities that are faster, easier and more efficient.


Talk to a board certified doctor
just in few minutes!

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