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Is Oversleeping Bad for You?

Written by S.O.

Posted on September 4, 2015 at 3:33 pm

Sleep is a topic of conversation for many adults. Unfortunately, as life becomes hectic and chaos of the day pushes us on, it seems like most of these conversations have to do with not getting enough sleep. The risks associated with a lack of sleep can be very harmful to the overall health of the body. For some, though, the question of oversleeping is more pressing than a lack of sleep. It may sound contradictory, but research suggests that getting too much sleep can be just as problematic as not getting enough. But, this begs the question, is oversleeping really bad for you?

Obesity Connection

One of the reasons that oversleeping is said to be bad for you is that there is a correlation between obesity and this condition or pattern of rest. Studies by the American Medical Association suggested that there was a link between getting too much sleep and being overweight, with those that slept for more than ten hours a night being twenty-one percent more likely to be obese when compared with those who got just eight hours of sleep.


Another issue that can arise from sleeping too much is mental health issues. Those that are depressed or have a propensity for depression tend to escape to sleep as part of their condition. Unfortunately, those suffering with this issue often do not see tiredness or oversleeping as a symptom, and ignore it. The truth is, though, that many mental illnesses see sleep as a side effect. For that reason, oversleeping can be a serious indicator that something more extensive is happening inside the body.

Auto-Immune Disorder

Your body needs time to fight off infection and disease. Sleep allows your body to recuperate and build strong health defenses, even boosting the immune system altogether. But, oversleeping can actually be a sign that the immune system of the body is compromised for some reason. The body may be trying to build defenses by resting, even if the individual does not fully understand why. Therefore, oversleeping can be a sign that the body has an auto-immune disorder that needs analyzed.

Physical Issues

Beyond the underlying issues that can cause oversleeping, there are the physical manifestations that suggest oversleeping really is bad for you. Lying in bed for hours with little mobility can cause headaches and muscle issues, too. Therefore, those that are sleeping for an extensive amount of time need to be aware that there body can be adversely affected from too much time in bed.
It is clear that sleeping too much can cause serious issues. Experts recommend an uninterrupted sleep of seven to eight hours, during the night. Sleeping more or less can be troublesome!


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