DocChat for Military and Veteran Care

There are approximately 21.8 million veterans in the United States who have more than paid their dues for benefits such as quality medical care. Shamefully, healthcare is essentially out of reach for 3.2 million veterans living in rural areas across the country, and even those in urban areas must compete for limited clinic appointments. Therefore, the ER is the only option for many. A fair number of veterans have sustained health problems from their service which require attention and continued medical care. While TRICARE has a nurse hotline, DocChat connects patients directly to a provider who can make a diagnosis and prescribe medication. According to the AMA, 78% of medical concerns can be diagnosed and treated via telemedicine. Therefore, long travel times and even longer wait times for appointments are unnecessary for the majority of cases

DocChat can provide efficient healthcare for military facilities such as training camps and bases within the United States and abroad. DocChat limits the need for on-site physicians by providing soldiers and staff with instant access to licensed doctors via DocChat video conferences. DocChat also allows on-site physicians to focus solely on the more immediate health needs of soldiers.

DocChat can provide necessary continued care for military and veterans, as well as eradicate many of the obstacles faced by our heroes. DocChat not only drastically reduces medical costs, but provides these men and women with accessible, attentive medical care whenever, and wherever they need it.  

Benefits of Using DocChat:

  • Convenient and consistent care 24/7/365
  • No wait time in germ-ridden clinics – See a physician in 10 minutes or less
  • No appointments necessary – Hassle-free medical care
  • No travel time or costs
  • Unlimited follow-up messaging for 7 days after consult, which encourages continuity of care otherwise impossible with current lack of resources
  • When medically appropriate, prescriptions can be sent to your local pharmacy*
  • Security – all information is encrypted and secured by Google servers
  • Assist military physicians who have more complex injuries to treat – help keep soldiers mentally and physically healthy
  • Access to specialists who may not be readily available otherwise