DocChat for Indian Country

Indian Country has a severe lack of healthcare funding per capita compared to other health services. There are only about 750 physicians, 700 pharmacists and 200 nurse practitioners serving a population of 2.2 million American Indians and Alaskan Natives. Many of these people live in remote areas without access to this limited physician pool.  Indian Country has an inordinate amount of health complications such as alcoholism, tuberculosis, diabetes and suicide. The statistics paint a dire picture of insufficient care and a need for something more. Our licensed physicians are available any time, day or night, 365 days a year. We provide the continuum of care Indian Country desperately needs to treat chronic and acute ailments, as well as to stop those statistics from increasing further. Also, we are aware of the unique cultural differences and needs of each tribe and tribal organization, including language barriers, lack of internet connectivity, and cultural preferences towards traditional medicine. We are flexible and able to customize our service for the needs of Indian Country.

Benefits of Using DocChat:

  • Convenient and consistent care 24/7/365
  • No waiting in contaminated clinics – See a physician in 10 minutes or less!
  • No appointments necessary – Hassle-free medical care
  • No travel time or costs
  • Unlimited follow-up messaging for 7 days after consult, which encourages continuity of care otherwise impossible with current lack of resources
  • When medically necessary, we can send prescriptions to your local pharmacy*
  • Security – All information is encrypted and secure on Google servers
  • DocChat creates long-term relationships with the ability to request your preferred physician
  • Customizable to the needs of your tribe or tribal organization