DocChat for Hospitals

Saves hospital money by reducing unnecessary or non-critical visits.

Telemedicine triages and treats noncritical cases. Diverts away from ER to quality care for a much lower price.

Any critical case will be sent directly to ER

Less crowded ER, less wait time, greater patient satisfaction, people will go to them, see higher volume of critical cases

Lower readmission rates bc they can follow-up but when someone comes back they can be seen first by DocChatTM cms penalties  prevent readmission on the spot

Specialty care – when in patient needs to see specialist there doesn’t have to be a delay with DocChat. A lot of work from patient and ensures compliance and reduces readmissions. It allows doctors to be on call and not have to travel and see more patients even when not at the hospital.

Population Health Management

  • Full service hospital ED and hospitalist management
  • Ability to supply providers and specialty care from our own network
  • After hours coverage for specialty care