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Cardiac Arrest: After Surgery Care Tips

Written by S.O.

Posted on November 20, 2015 at 7:30 am

A man in pain clutches at his chest.

Cardiac arrest requires instant and prompt medical attention. This is because the heart ceases all of its functions, that is, it stops pumping blood to the brain, lungs, and many other organs of the human body. Thereby, causing unconsciousness and possible death if not treated as a medical emergency.

Once, you are out of surgery, the recovery period is extensive and exhaustive. Since the heart is the core of the human body, it needs a lot of time to heal and function properly. Here are some of the tips that you need to consider in order to avoid any postoperative complications and ensure proper functioning of your heart.

Exercising and Physical Therapies

Exercising is immensely important when you are recovering from cardiac surgery. Not only does it improve the heart function by improving its ability to inhale oxygen, it also reduces any potential risk of returning cardiac arrest.

Physical therapists, with slight movements, help you out immediately after you come out of cardiac surgery. Since, the surgery is still relatively recent, you need to make sure that you do not exert yourself and your body too much. Once you are released from the hospital, activities that do not put too much pressure on your body and heart should be carried out. Walking in your backyard, walking up the stairs, and just generally moving your body is an ample amount of exercise in this situation.

It is recommended that you join a rehabilitation center as the program helps recovering patients with light exercises that don’t exert their body too much. However, make sure that you discuss with an expert the type of exercises your body can handle and which are not too intense.

Take Care of Your Diet

Avoiding alcohol, smoking and any such harmful substances is extremely important when you are recovering from cardiac surgery. However, after a month you can have alcohol only if it is doesn’t exceed one glass a day, but make sure you ask your doctor before you consume any quantity of alcohol.

Vegetables, meat, and other protein foods should be incorporated into your diet. Make sure to get a lean protein cut. Moreover, in lieu of deep frying your food in oil, you should minimize the use of oil by baking or steaming your food. Avoiding foods with high cholesterol levels and fats is also important as it makes you vulnerable to heart attacks or potential cardiac arrests.

Destress Yourself Mentally

Having suffered a cardiac arrest and going through surgery is a very painful and traumatic experience. Thus, it is not surprising when patients complain of anxiety and depression. This requires you to relax and destress your minds. It is important to unburden yourself. Music, fresh air, etc. are immensely helpful to destress your minds. If you believe that you cannot handle the depression, you should make an appointment with a counselor and discuss what’s causing your apprehensions.

Telemedicine can also be of help. You can have an expert prepare a diet chart for you telling you what to eat and what not to eat. Plus, you can also have a special chart explaining activities to indulge in.

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