Busy Families

It is stressful when a family member, parent or child becomes sick. DocChat allows families to keep their schedules intact without the hassle of dragging the entire pack to a doctor’s appointment or the ER. Not only are wait times unpredictable and inconvenient, but germ-ridden waiting rooms put children and parents at risk of becoming sick themselves. If that isn’t bad enough, getting an appointment takes 2 weeks on average to see a primary care physician.  DocChat does not require an appointment and a physician will see you in 10 minutes or less, 24/7/365. DocChat can be used anywhere, so no need to leave your bed! Also, no deductibles or hidden fees. You and your family can see a licensed physician for $50 per consult.  Best of all, bypass having to find a babysitter at the last minute.

Benefits of Using DocChat:

  • Convenient and consistent care 24/7/365
  • Flat rate. No deductibles or additional costs
  • No wait time in contaminated doctor’s offices – See a physician in 10 minutes or less!
  • No appointments necessary – Hassle-free medical care
  • No travel time or costs
  • Unlimited follow-up messaging for 7 days after consult to ensure proper care
  • When medically appropriate, prescriptions can be sent to your local pharmacy*
  • Security – All information is encrypted and secured by Google servers
  • DocChat creates long-term relationships. Families can request their preferred physician for each visit