Becoming a DocChat physician will make you instrumental in helping revolutionize and democratize healthcare. We need skilled professionals to help elicit this transformation. Your talents will improve the overall delivery of the healthcare system. You will be able to work from any environment that provides access to the necessary technology and meets privacy requirements, including your own home. DocChat aims to enhance healthcare in any way we possibly can, so we welcome feedback from doctors and patients alike on how we can improve our service.

Qualities We Seek

  • Board certified doctors (please specify your area of certification)
  • Emergency experience is a plus
  • Availability and prompt responses to calls  
  • Passionate individuals who aspire to help revolutionize healthcare
  • Ambitious doctors who will contribute insight and progressive ideas to our team
  • Physicians interested in more than just a job – we want team members who will utilize their clinical skills to help us better the country and provide unparalleled service to those in need

We are looking for caring, dedicated healthcare professionals with a passion for wellness, who will listen intently and provide our patients with care of the utmost quality.



Applicants will go through an interview process, along with having provided information in regards to education, residency and training. Once all information provided is verified, the physician will be notified if they have been approved for the training process.


Once a physician has completed the screening process, they will receive extensive training that will include mock consultations, a comprehensive training manual, and video tutorials. They will also receive specific training in such areas as emergency protocol, and how to navigate and utilize the DocChat app and website.

Quality Assurance

To ensure our patients are getting the best care, we have several quality assurance measures that we conduct for each of our physicians.

Patient ratings are one of the most important gauges of quality of our physicians. After each consultation, the patient will be required to rate his or her experience with their physician.

Mock consults will be conducted periodically as review for each physician. This will allow us to give specific feedback and ensure the proper protocols are being followed. Charts are also reviewed at random to ensure the doctor’s note-taking is thorough, and proper instruction has been given to patients.

Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining our team, please create a new Doctor Account here: Doctor Sign Up