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About Us

We are aware that as a result of the various problems prevalent in the healthcare industry, many patients are losing confidence and patience with the current system. Thus the birth of DocChat, where a more efficient alternative for healthcare was born.

Here at DocChat, we aim to improve the entire healthcare delivery system by providing quick access to quality physicians. There are only 3 options for those in need of urgent medical assistance, emergency room (ER), primary care or urgent care. ERs across the country see 136.3 million patients annually. Many of these patients visit the ER as an alternative to their Primary Care Physicians (PCP) due to unavailability or unaffordability. These non-emergency cases bog down the ER resulting in extremely long wait times, lack of resources and financial strain on the hospital. The end result is an increase in medical errors, repeat ailments that haven’t been properly addressed, and higher mortality rates. Additionally, urgent care facilities require travel and patients need to wait in germ-ridden waiting rooms for an unknown about of time.

DocChat eliminates travel time, wait periods, and high costs associated with doctor visits, while providing patients with the time and attention they deserve. DocChat allows for necessary follow-up after appointments to ensure proper care and prevent visits to the ER. DocChat providers can prescribe non-narcotics medications when medically necessary*.

To prove the impact DocChat can have we conducted a pilot study including 500 patients across 17 nursing homes, providing them with 24/7 access to care in 10 minutes or less over video conferencing. Our study was unbelievably successful, yielding a 100% satisfaction rate, reducing E.R. utilization and cutting medical costs by $625,000. This demonstrates the potential DocChat has in revolutionizing the healthcare system.

Meet the Team

Dr. Steve Okhravi


Dr. Steve Okhravi hopes to spread his cultivated knowledge of the dynamic healthcare system through DocChat. In his medical experiences, Dr. Okhravi has spent over 60,000 hours in the E.R., which honed his passion for technological innovation, efficiency, and ultimately positive medical outcomes and happy patients. Professionally, Dr. Okhravi founded Emergency Medical Care, a group of urgent care clinics in New York City that operate 24/7, which, to date, has seen over 30,000 patients. Throughout his professional journey, he recognized that telemedicine opened doors to more effective medicine to a wider audience. Dr. Okhravi seeks to provide readily available access to medical care on a global scale with DocChat, thereby saving lives regardless of location. Dr. Okhravi can be reached at and on LinkedIn.

Michael Okhravi

Chief Executive Officer

Mike has a passion for building products that people will love. Driven by a desire for efficiency and results, Mike spent several years perfecting his knowledge of the Healthcare industry as a Business Developer for Emergency Medical Care. Through his experiences, he became aware of the expansive list of problems within the Healthcare industry, driving him to co-launch DocChat. Because his desire for medical reform comes from personal experience, Mike understands the importance of strong doctor-patient relationships, which is hard to find in such a vast industry. When he is not creating new ways to restore the medical industry through technology, Mike drinks wine and plays basketball, but not usually at the same time. Mike can be reached at, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn.

Dr. Christopher Alinea

Medical Director

As Vice President of Medical Affairs, Dr. Alinea brings over 20 years of clinical and managerial experience in emergency medicine to the team. He has provided critical leadership in a range of roles and responsibilities, from school physician in multiple school districts, to attending physician at several hospital emergency rooms. In his private practice, Dr. Alinea has recruited and trained numerous emergency experienced physicians, and has integrated best practice protocols across multiple platforms. He is also dedicated to his community and is a member of several professional and civic organizations.
He can be reached at

Denis Mezenok

Technical Project Manager

Denis serves a crucial role for the DocChat team by operating as the technical lead and back-end web developer. Denis honed his talents in website creation at as an electronic engineer at the Technical School in Ukraine. Upon graduation, he worked as a full-stack developer, making web projects independetly from scratch. Carrying his knowledge of PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS forward, he co-founded a web studio that worked with different APIs and GEO services. Upon joining the DocChat team, Denis perfected his skills with WordPress and implemented important changes to the company website. In his free time, Denis enjoys spending time with his son and teaching himself new technical skills for project construction and management. Denis still resides in Ukraine.

Sam Miller

Director of Operations

Serving as an authoritative voice of DocChat management, Sam is a combination of polar opposites: soft compassion and tough love. Sam has a BA in finance and spent most of her career in wealth management, supporting both boutique and large firm groups. Sam’s work experience, coupled with her empathy for others, combine to perfect management in the medical field. She continually provides an understanding explanation of the complicated to the DocChat team. When she is not guiding the DocChat team, Sam loves to travel and spend time with her puppy, Ella, in Riverside Park. She can be reached at or on LinkedIn.

Sasha Okhravi

Director of Communications

Sasha has extensive experience in patient and customer service. She has a background in social psychology and a true passion for philanthropy. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and amateur photography. Sasha can be reached at

Honorable Dr. Mario Fiori

Board Member for Government Affairs
President, Compass Associates Inc

Dr. Mario Fiori graduated from USNA in 1963, and received his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from MIT in 1968. He served in the Navy as a submariner. His jobs included Commanding officer of nuclear attack submarine, nuclear submarine squadron commander (11 submarines, Submarine Tender and two auxiliary ships), and commanded the Navy’s Submarine Research Laboratory (Naval Underwater Systems Center, Newport RI – $750M budget). Also, while on shore duty served as DOD liaison with the Federal Energy Administration in 1974-1975 and as Executive Assistant to President Reagan’s Science Advisor, Dr. George Keyworth, 1983-1985.

As an energy and military consultant in 1989-1991 he was a Senior Fellow for the Hudson Institute, and conducted various energy and deep submersible studies. In 1991 joined the Department of Energy and served as the Secretary of Energy’s Liaison with the Defense Nuclear Safety Board and then managed the nuclear weapons facility, The Savannah River Site for five years. Leaving DOE in late 1997 he established his consultant company, Compass Associates and served for various major corporations including Raytheon, Bechtel, Duke Engineering, and for nine months served as President of a small Software company in Richland Washington, Enabling Technology, a British owned company.

In 2001 he was Senate confirmed as Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment and served till 2004. Following that to the present he has assisted many small companies and startups in areas of energy and environment, emergency response programs, and worked for the lobbying firm, The Rhoades Group (later joined the Cassidy Group). Presently Dr. Fiori is a Proxy Board member of a Canadian owned company, Open Text Public Sector Solutions (OTPSS).

Courteney Pritchett

Content Manager

Courteney is an artist, writer and Special Needs substitute teacher from Newfoundland, Canada. She has a BFA in Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Education. Courteney has been writing since she was 10 years old and has had several of her poems published in books and publications over the years. While she loves working with Special Needs students on art and life skills as well as working on her jewelry and artwork for her personal business, Courteney has wanted to pursue writing as her career since she was little. She has always had an enthusiastic interest in health and wellness, and is very excited to bring her respective passions for writing, wellness, and helping others together as the newest member of the DocChat team. Courteney’s extra curricular interests include painting and playing music in a band with her husband.

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* Disclaimer: DocChat is intended as a complementary service to your primary care physician. It is intended for use by those seeking acute health care in non-emergency situations. DocChat does not prescribe DEA-controlled substances, narcotics, or drugs that may potentially be abused. DocChat is not a replacement for your primary care doctor and will only provide short-term prescriptions if medically necessary. If you have an emergency, call 911. If you have a chronic illness, please see your primary care physician. DocChat does not guarantee that our doctors will prescribe medication. DocChat reserves the right to refuse service to any patients it deems to be abusing the intended service or seeking prescriptions beyond a reasonable amount.