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5 Ways Telemedicine Helps You Take Control Of Your Care

Written by Courteney

Posted on April 12, 2016 at 3:44 pm

  1. You Are More Of a Valued Customer Than A Patient

Telemedicine breaks down traditional “doctor/patient” barriers by viewing the procurer less as a number and more as an essential client who is entitled to satisfaction. For example, DocChat’s customer-centric approach places utmost importance on the client’s experience, the patient always comes first. Customer satisfaction at all costs beats walking away from a disappointing or rushed clinic appointment feeling shortchanged.

  1. Care When And Where You Choose

Instead of waiting for appointments, and waiting around clinics, you get to decide the time and place of your care. This helps you take the reins as opposed to just being a passenger waiting on a doctor’s convenience. If you want to set up an appointment at work on your lunch break, nothing is stopping you. Telemedicine services give you complete control over the circumstances surrounding your care.

  1. More Accessible Continuum of Care

Telemedicine makes it much easier to follow up with your doctor than having to attempt to book a whole other appointment shortly after (which often isn’t possible for weeks). You can follow up with your telemedicine doctor with the click of a button via instant chat message or video conference. This enables everyone, especially those with chronic conditions that need managing, to take better control over their continuing healthcare.

  1. Your Time Is Your Own

Scheduling, waiting for and arranging necessary accommodations such as travel or childcare before a doctor’s appointment can all be very time consuming. Waiting an hour in a clinic or several in the ER for concerns that can be handled via telemedicine can be big a waste of your time. Since up to 78% of medical concerns can be dealt with through telemedicine, it seems the option that will enable you to take better control over your healthcare and valuable time is obvious.

  1. Telemedicine Services Answer To You

Quality control is often very high with telemedicine companies because they want you to return as a customer. A good telemedicine provider will always treat you competitively well to keep you whereas if you go to the ER, they don’t want you to return, so you are just treated and sent on your way (happy or not) to make room for the next group of people filing in. You can usually bank on satisfaction with telemedicine videoconferences. DocChat doctors for example are extensively vetted and trained to ensure a companywide standard of excellence. Some companies don’t have as strict standards with their doctors, so it is best to do your research first to make sure a company is intensive about qualifications and training before entrusting them with your care.

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